First-timer, getting Widex 330 F2 adjusted


Hello all,
I’m brand-new to HAs and I don’t know yet what I don’t know. After living for years with moderate to severe loss in my left ear, tinnitus in that same ear, and diminished hearing in my right, I bit the bullet, went to an audiologist associated with the region’s most well-respected ENT specialist and I’m not entirely sure I made the right decision. She basically said the Evoke 330s were the best for my budget (insurance paid $4500, I paid $1600 on top, including a charger).

So here I am 3 weeks in, and I feel like she’s not understanding my issues. I don’t need amplification as much as I need equalization. When I’m outside environmental noises sound like I’m at the bottom of a well. Passing traffic is brutally loud on just my local city street. Voices sound “odd”. Added to the discomfort of the aids themselves, I think I may have just bought someone a nice vacation at the expense of getting a pig in a poke.

The main goal was to get better speech comprehension and to watch TV and understand dialog clearly, without needing closed captioning. With the HAs in neither goal is accomplished. Yes, some highs are back (I had to use the custom “consumer-type” EQ program on my phone for that, but nothing sounds natural.

To me, it sounds like they’re compressing the heck out of the incoming sounds, which probably isn’t what i need. I never really had a problem with levels as much as frequency response in the mid- and high-frequency ranges. She never gave me my test results so I can’t post them here (yet).

Then the promised “help with tinnitus” never materialized. It doesn’t seem to be mitigated in the slightest. Am I expecting too much from HAs? My audiologist seems to be used to dealing with low-tech 80 YOs who have no clue about audio and are grateful for something–anything–at all. I’m a huge movie and TV fan, and would like to be able to hear my wife’s voice clearly again…and not be driven insane by environmental noise causing blinding headaches when I sit on the deck outside. Heck, even typing on a mechanical keyboard is migrane-inducingly loud.

Thanks for suggestions/advice in advance.


Some of those things sound normal for a new wearer. If you have high frequency loss and you add those sounds back, they are going to sound harsh, or strange, for a while.

The software makes the initial setup based on your hearing test and the pro can make adjustments from there. Unless the pro started off with some wild changes, I would trust the numbers somewhat. There are things the pro can do to make the transition more comfortable but they amount to turning things down so I wouldn’t stay that way for a long time. If you turn things down to be more comfortable I would have a schedule for getting to target. You could go back every two weeks and get them turned up 2 db until you get back up to target.

It does take your brain some time to adjust and Widex has a good reputation. But, you don’t want to wait patiently until the return period has expired.


You’ve kind of got two issues going on: 1)A lot of the reactions you’re having are pretty normal and you’ll likely adjust to much of this, but 2) you’re paying top dollar and if your audiologist isn’t able to explain this to your satisfaction, perhaps it is time to look elsewhere. I’m assuming you’re well within your trial period where you can return them for at least most of what you paid.