First Time User of Naida S III UP aids and I am confused

Can anyone help me?

I have just got some Phonak Naida III UP aids after spending all of my 25 years of life with the body worn aids and Phonak SuperFront aids.

At the moment I am wearing the Naida S III UP aids and I am hearing much more but I am struggling to hear speech. Background noise, instead of it been noise all in one, I can actually make out what I am listening to.

I know the Sound Clarity is at maximum, this is how the audio described it. I guess this is the Sound Recover, maybe?

Anyone know how I could make it better so I can understand speech better, I know it wont be perfect?

Another question, I understand these dont do as much as the V and IX but what programmes can I have? Is T Coil and FM system all I can have? I have a MyPIlot and I have something called Acoustic Phone as well as the others, what does this do?

Thank you.

Hearing Results -
250 - 105 - 100
500 - 115 - 105
1000 - 105 - 90
2000 - 110 - 95
4000 - 105 - 95
8000 - 110 - 90
Average L = 108db R = 96db

I don’t think the sound recover is at max but I could be wrong. Not sure what your audi meant by “sound clarity”. Next time you go in, I’d ask her/him to clarify that for you and tell you exactly what they mean by that.

With the III you can have I think 2 or 3 additional memories to SoundFlow. They can be whatever you want. There is a t-coil in it so that can be one setting should you want it to be. Acoustic phone is a setting that doesn’t use the t-coil but uses the microphones but sets them so that they are geared to hear from a telephone. You could put a dedicated noise program in, a music program, pretty much any program you want into the slots available.

Sometimes, given the tech that you are coming from, the pro has to change the compression from the prescribed compression to semi-linear or even linear and then work into something with more compression. My guess is some of your problem stems from just hearing a lot of sounds you aren’t used to. Some can be adjusted with programming and some will resolve as your brain gets used to hearing them. Another thing to try is to potentially decrease the gain for 20dB input sounds a bunch, it might take some of the extraneous noise that tends to muck up the signal down a little to levels that your brain can more easily filter out.

Thanks for the tips.

I personally have never really been able to use the phone and have tried it since with the phone programme and still no luck, I am unable to hear on the phone.

As my Naida can only have 3 programmes, I am going to ask for a noise programme instead.

How does the noise programme work?

I have decided I love my MyPilot as I have a memory problem and it means I dont keep getting confused when I press my controls on my aids. The pictures on the MyPilot remind me very well with what programmes there are.

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