First time - Siemens Motion 700 vs 500

Hi everyone.
After several months of trials with Siemens products I came to the conclusion to choose either Motion 700 or Motion 500 BTE. One of several reasons is the connectivity with TEK as I am quite frequent mobile caller.

Can anyone explain me if it is really worth to choose Motion 700 over 500? The price is about 50% higher for 700.

Following are described differences somewhere on the web:

700 has 16 channels, 500 has 12 channels

700 has the same functionality as 500 + additional:

  • Soundlearning (learns preferred volume, compression, and frequency shape)
  • SoundBrilliance (enhances the perception of higher frequencies
    for a richer hearing experience)
  • TruEar (Improves localization of sound from front to back)

Thanks a lot for any experience / advice, Radek

It’s your hearing…
I have the Motion 700s …
I don’t think that the difference between the 700 and 500 price was that much from my audi.

Trial both of them !!!

I really like the e2e wireless.

You only have to select the volume or program on one instrument…
it is automatically relayed to the other wirelessly.

Also with the Motion 700 M VC and M ( one for each ear)
… you have on aid controls for Volume and Program respectively.
( Again set on one and it relays to the other automatically.)

I have the Tek which lets me set both of these from the remote,
but sometimes you don’t want to bother carrying Tek or digging it out of your

I have been trialling both together having M700 on the left ear and M500 on the right one for about 2 weeks. Cannot really say the difference. I assume that the difference would be experienced in the long term.

Still the price diff is about 570 USD / or 430 EUR.

And yes I also enjoy e2e and want to get Volume Control on one ear and Programme changer on the other one.

TEK is mandatory for me due to the frequent mobile calls. Additionally I want to get the charger.

So the last to be decided is the color and 700 vs 500.
PS: it was quite a surprise that 700 and 500 works together with TEK

I have the Pure 500 and tried the 700 and didn’t notice any difference.

One thing about the TEK…

Make sure in the phone and music mode that you audi increases the frequencies on all levels otherwise your TEK will sound bad.

The reason is …once your aids are set to “you” then they will only boost the frequencies that you are lacking in. What happens is when they set the TEK up to your phone you are getting all of the sound through your aids…and if they only boost the sounds you can’t hear then you get just those frequencies through your aids.

I had to sit down with pen and paper and show this to my audi before it became clear…and the Siemens tech didn’t know that either…

You will read where people complain about the TEK and how it sounds…
It isn’t the TEK that sounds bad it is how it is programmed…

Thanks for your experience. Now I understand why I did not find it useful to stream the music from radio/TV via TEK.

Is it also advisable to switch off mics for the phone program?

… but this discussion probably should be somewhere else. Sorry.

I don’t understand the description above. If you can hear normally in the low frequencies then the HA should be passing low frequencies without additional amplification, and only adding amplification to the high frequencies. The way you describe it, the HA is cutting off all low frequencies and only passing high frequencies. That just doesn’t make sense!

Also, I thought the programming was in the HA and not the TEK?

If your hearing in the low frequencies is near normal, you may have no amplification of the low frequencies. The sound source of those lows is in the air, local, so thru the venting you hear them without being amplified. When you take the sound source and have it be remote, or just not in the air to naturally hear, they are not being amplified so lows don’t make it to your ear.
I’ve experienced this with the FM Smartlink setup, which really only means you have a remote microphone. Phonak wise and certainly siemens in the software automatically compensates and first fit wise adds amplification of lows for remote mic type setup.

I agree with that statement. Though the Pures might not fit every loss, programming is essential. I am fortunate to have an audi that knows the Siemens products and she is great to work with.

I have 500s and the Tek and I would recommend programming the mics off in the phone and music programs, which eliminates ambient sounds that may compete with phone call or music, it really helps with phone calls in loud environments.

Just to conclude. I finally selected Motion 500 (M and MVC) as I did not find any significant differences.

Thank you all for the inputs!

Good to hear. Hope you havee a long, happy experience with them.

If you can, let us know how you like them, what you don’t like, etc. That way future seekers have your knowledge to guide them. :cool: