First time hearing aid wearer, tinny voices

I just got my first pair of hearing aids, Starkey Zon 3. I had gone to my Dr. right before ordering the aids because I felt pressure in my left ear and wanted to make sure I didn’t have fluid or an infection. I was told I had neither.

On the second day that I had the hearing aids, all of a sudden the sound quality was different. Everyone’s voices including my own sounded very tinny, vibrating and mechanical. I went back to the office and they adjusted them again. At 6 pm the following day the same thing happened. Both times this occurred I had been on the telephone shortly before. This tinniness and vibrating sound with my voice and the voices of others seems to come and go. I have another appointment later this week but I would like to know if any of this sounds normal.

I still feel pressure in my ears, now along with itching which I thought might be from getting used to having the aids in. (the itching)

I have made an appointment to go to the ENT Dr. about the feeling of pressure. Yesterday I did not have the aids on and my hearing felt a little tinny. I feel as though I am losing it. This is causing me anxiety because spending this kind of money is a major investment for me.

If anyone has any advice I would so appreciate it.


Tinniness can be common for first time wearers. The Zons are great at reaching the higher frequencies too, which is where the tinniness comes from.

Is your Dr., do you feel, capable of adjusted the hearing aids based on your feelings?

You have pressure in your ears from the aids? Do you have custom molds for the Zon or are they the black earbuds? Are there slots in the black ear buds?

Can we ask how much you paid for the set?

I hope you get the help you want. The Zon is a great product.

I am paying $2400.00 for each Zon3 aid from Total Hearing in Brick, NJ

I have the earbuds that seem to have 3 slots or indentations, and a flap around the bottom.

I am not happy with Total Hearing. When I was given the aids, I was hooked up to the computer and the dispenser just had me count to 10. My Uncle has since told me that when he got his aids, he was hooked up to a computer and made to listen to different sounds, bells, whistles, tiolet flushing, the wind, ect… and if anything didn’t sound normal his hearing aids were adjusted on the computer. I have had none of this.
Also after I got home I read the pamplet they had given me about the Zon3 and found out that it has different programs. I wasn’t told anything at all about that. I am going back this thursday and an audiologist will be seeing me. I am hoping that she will be more informative.

Am I paying too much for the Zon3?

I have a 30 day trial period but I have already given them a non-refundable $500.00 service fee.

Thanks for replying:o

I fit Audibel, a separate company that shares technology with Starkey.

Their zon3 is our lx300.

You are NOT paying for the hearing aid, keep that in mind. You are paying for the servicing of the hearing aid in combination with what the aid can do.

Everyone operates differently. When I fit I always use realworld sounds like water and paper to adjust the aids.

I always explain the multimemory as well and the capabilities. If you are not convinced, express it to them and see what happens from there.

A 500 dol. service fee, non-refundable seems unusual to me. At most, we charge $130 if returned: this is incorporated into the aids prices.

Where are you located?

Sorry you said NJ.

I want to know how Thursday goes please!!! Write down everything and take it with you…

Is $4400.00 the going rate for the Zon3?

I will let you know what happens on Thursday. So the tinniness is normal? It especially happens when I go from a quiet place to a louder area. Will it get better?

Tinniness CAN be normal. If you are a new user, you can get used to the tinniness over time, but some peope do not.

You audiologist SHOULD make an adjustment for those frequencies in the office.

I would also assume paper bags rattling, dishes rattling, are too sharp?

I, personally, do not fit the LX300s for that much. I have heard them fit up to $4200. But I have not also heard of anyone charging a $500 nonrefundable fee.

There are controls to help also built-in to the aids to help when moving from soft to loud environments to help with the transition.

I do know the guy who fits Audibel in Tom’s River, if you ever want a contact.

I would personally call him myself if you want different, proper help.

And I’d make sure you get good help.


I agree with hear-ring to all of the questions, if your audiologist is helpful, he or she is your best friend. They can either help you or make it worse. I do have a question can the noise seem to loud when it isn’t? I know the world is not an extremely loud place, but it sure seems that way to me.

Also, FYI to anyone who needs an aid and you can’t afford one, you can go to DARS. You have to work and be able to show that your hearing loss is an influence in your ability to work and you will have to go through about a year of paperwork, but they will get you the aids. I emphasis that you have to be working and not say 20-30 hours, more like 40, but they will help you. DARS is designed to keep people who want to work, working and they will even do any surgery if it is necessary.

I wore Starkey S Series 5 for 3 months, I have replaced the Aids for Bernafon Verite.

The Starkey aids were never stable, always changing sounds etc, my exAdui was never able to program properly.

I went to Costco and purchased Bernafon Verite, best decision I have made. from the first time wearing (3 days ago) till now this includes having Thanksgiving in our home for 25 people, I was able to converse in a noisy environment. I was never able to have a conversation with the Starkey outside of a dead silent room.

Starkey S Series 5 – each HA $1300.00
Bernafon Verite – each HA $1450.00 (includes Soundgate for remote control and BT)

I am not a professional, if the Verite do not fit your needs, Costco carries other HA that may meet your needs and far more reasonable pricing. I really think you have been ripped off. I would return the Starkey and find a good attorney to get the Try and Buy money back.