First time hearing aid user: Sounds are very loud

I’ll be curious which pair you end up with. I’m a fellow cookie biter. I have an old pair of Widex Dream BTE open fit aids. In my experience, the ITE aids were not helpful for this type of loss. I much prefer getting a combination of natural sound in the regions that are closer to normal.

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Newbie, I would trial as many brands and styles as you can. There seems to be a fairly wide selection of HA’s and some are better for certain types of hearing loss than others.

Keep reading this forum because you will learn a lot from others who have gone through their own personal experience. Someone out there may have some advice that will pertain to your situation.


I got the Signia Pure Charge&GoX, rechargeable and with bluetooth, which is BTE. The audi changed out the dome to give me an open fit and it is so much better.

She said the sounds in the Signia will be crisper for me, which will take some getting used to. But as soon as she changed out the domes it was night and day. On Monday I will go back and get her to raise the Rx. I’m at about 80%.

I tried the ITE aid in her office and really didn’t like that, that was what I had hoped for. I am learning as I go!

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I just reread your note. I tried the Widex Evoke in two different offices. Both were much easier on my ears/brain but they also felt muted. The sounds weren’t as crisp.

FWIW, if someone enunciates words I don’t need HA.

Same with Opticon. For me sounds were easier to take, but felt muted, and words not as clear.

Audi said that for me those would be easier to get used to but ultimately not really solve my problem.

I have no idea if this is accurate. But there is a huge difference in how they sounded to me.

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Thanks for sharing. I’m taking note!

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Absolutely agree! Test drive as many of those puppies as you can.

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Was the ITE you tried the Instant Fit ones, by chance?

If this means a standard size versus a piece made from a mold of my ear canal, then yes. It was whatever size came with the Signia ITE aid. The smallest was definitely too big for my ear.

That said, since I am liking the open ear dome versus the closed dome, I don’t think at this point any in the ear would work for me. Though I certain don’t know a whole lot about it!

You might also ask your audi for a copy of your audiogram. If they want to know why, just say it is for your records. I wish I had records from the very first time I had my hearing tested years ago so that I could see how much it has changed.

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I was wondering if the ITE you tried looked like this:

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The crispness in speech with the Evoke comes from the correct set up. With domes/ric speech recognition in 60db background sound was 90%, with custom tips it’s 100%. The other issue can be if the sensogram isn’t performed. I had REM used and sound was more muffled. Using the sensogram and custom aids it’s 100%. Learnt through trying different dispensers some of whom don’t follow the correct set up for Widex! I have learnt that when the Widex procedure is followed you get perfect hearing, and I expect a lot from my hearing aids.

Yes. It was the Signia Silk 7nx ?? Too big for my ear.

tinkyp, This is what I’m wondering about. I’ve wondered if certain providers want to sell certain hearing aids. Mine didn’t want to sell me Phonax, saying it was too much hearing aid for me. I did try a second audi, and the Evoke also seemed muffled to me.

Can yo explain what a sensogram is? And what do you mean by a sensogram and custom aids? Thank you.

A sensogram is the specific Widex fitting process where by the hearing aids are fitted in your ears and then different frequencies played directly in to the hearing aids and you say when you have heard it. This plots the frequencies to follow maximum benefit. You rightly say that some dispensers will favour certain brands. My Widex audiologist left and I had to go to the high street. The dispenser set my Widex up using REM (being biased towards resound who use that) and it just didn’t work for me. It was muffled and off, my hearing dropped by about 20-30%. After trying different dispensers I realised Widex must be fitted with the sensogram. The custom fit is having impressions made so that your hearing aid has a hard shell moulded specifically to fit your ears. So ITE and ITC/CIC are custom aids and you can get custom tips made for ric aids. A custom fit will always give you far superior sound. I loved the Evokes so much I upgraded my son to them. He was given standard off the shelf domes and his speech recognition was 90%. He was missing certain consonants. We got custom tips made for him and he went up to 100%. The other things to ensure are they use the Widex algorithm, the vent size is selected (this again was critical for me as it aligns the frequencies perfectly for maximum speech recognition), feedback calibration and then sensogram performed. Every time custom tips are remade the calibration and sensogram needs redoing as it recalculates for any variances. I have never had to adjust my frequencies since this has been done as it’s automatic.


Thank you for clarifying. Personally, I love those Silks for patients who want an ITE or ITC solution but might have occlusion difficulties with a custom hearing aid. Funny thing is, when I was working with them, I had a supply hiccup wherein I had trouble getting the click sleeves for them. So, I used Signia’s regular click domes. In cases similar to yours, I would just use the smallest open dome possible, and patients were usually happy.

I did run into some issues where the patient’s ear canal had a shallow, very sharp turn in it. The slight bend in the Silk didn’t work. In those cases we almost always had to go with a custom aid or custom mold for a RIC.

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Allow me to get back to the original quesdtion:

Most aids have a habituation function. ReSound call it “Acceptance Manager”, Oticon call it “Adaptation Manager”, Siemens, Sivantos, Signia call it “Acclimatization”. I guess Phonak has a similar feature. The function automatically increases amplification over a period of time. I asked my audi to set Acceptance Manager period to 3 months.
So your audi should adjust aids according to audiogram and then activate Acceptance Manager.

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