First time hearing aid user: Sounds are very loud

I am trying out my first pair of HA. I definitely haven’t adjusted, but I can’t tell the difference if this is a bad fit, or my brain just hasn’t adjusted. Everything is SO loud.

My hearing loss is a “cookie bite” with the first part and last part more mild, with the middle (all those consonants!) veering towards moderate.

I was told Phonak (that I read about here) would be much too powerful. Can you help me understand what this could mean? TIA


Phonak is not too loud. That’s a misunderstanding.
Any aids can be too loud, especially at first.

Sharing your audiogram would help us help you.

You can always turn the aids down a little at first. After a week or two most people are ready for more volume.


All real hearing aids are adjusted to your specific loss. However, if you have had this loss for a long time, this may come as a bit of a shock to get used to. Adjustments can be set back to New User levels. You should ask your fitter about it. This has nothing to do with the brand.


I suppose I am a newbie too.

I purchased Phonak Marvel M-50R’s last August and have been using them continuously since then. But before then I was using hand-me-down Resound Dots. Those were old HA’s when I got them but I did manage to find an audiologist that tested my hearing and adjusted them for my hearing loss, which is mostly high frequencies.

They were loud! They did not have a volume adjustment so all sounds were amplified. I used them for several years mainly at work (to try to hear when someone was attempting to talk to me) and at home while watching TV. At first, the volume was VERY loud but they did help me understand people talking, both in person and on TV. And I guess I got used to them.

Fast forward to last August. I trialed both M-70R’s and M-50R’s. The audi started me at a low volume but I came soon back to have him adjust them louder. I decided that the M-50R’s worked just as well as the M-70R’s but cost significantly less.

So, do you have your HA’ on trial? If so, go back to your audi and ask for them to lower the volume. The Phonaks do have a rocker switch on them to raise or lower the volume. If you do not have HA’s on trial, go to an audi that can test your hearing and fit them to your hearing loss. After you get used to hearing everything louder you may want to go back and have the volume raised. My audi did a pretty good job setting them how I wanted.

So my opinion after using my Phonak Marvels for about 6 months is that they work very well for me and I have never thought that I don’t want to use the. Also, since them have blue tooth, I got the TV adapter and found that I have never heard the TV so clearly before.

If you could give us some more information it would be helpful. Did you get Phonaks on trial? If so, which model? Or are you considering trialing them? Can you get a copy of your audiogram and post it? The more information you post the better answers you will get. And keep reading this forum to learn as much as possible about HA’s. As you read more posts you will begin to learn what questions you need to ask, both on the forum and at the audi. I believe that you can find a pair that enhances the quality of your life.

I really hope the HA’s improve you quality of life because they sure have for me.

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This should have been the first thing your audiologist explained to you.

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Good morning! And thank you for the responses. I will see if I can get the report. In the meantime, I am trialing Signia Pure Charge&GoX, rechargeable and with bluetooth. I can turn the volume up and down on my iPhone which I like a lot. But when I’m in a noisy setting, if I turn the volume down, then the voice of whoever is talking to me feels muted as well. So I turned it back up to the 8 audi had it at for initial period, and the noise feel more manageable and I was able to hear person pretty well, but not anything I would call amazing. If I hadn’t had the HAs in I probably wouldn’t have heard much at all, so it’s certainly an improvement. The friend I was with could barely hear me because it was so loud.

So I feel that the Signias are definitely helping, and might be really good once I get used to them. I am just trying to understand why audi would say Phonak (I think the Marvels) would be too much HA for my needs. (In office I tried Evoke and Opticon, and the Signias definitely worked better for me.)

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Your audi should be able to better fine tune your aids. The volume control on your aids pretty much makes everything louder and softer

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The Signia aids have am Audio Streaming/Bluetooth screen in the fitting software which is very good for dealing with the issue you have. First it is an equalizer that applies a correction based on what you hear to make the streaming sound better. Streaming is not well corrected with just your normal hearing aid correction curve. It also has a feature where you can attenuate the sounds from the microphones when you are streaming. I believe it defaults to 70%, but it can be adjusted down more of even have the microphones muted when you stream, or talk on the phone. There is also an adaptive streaming volume feature which senses background noise and boosts volume to overcome it. It is on by default. You could have them check to make sure it is turned on. This is the screen for a Rexton, but Signia should be the same.

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Your brain will need a little time to adjust. You don’t say how long you’ve had your hearing loss, but any amount of time with hearing loss means our brains get used to hearing less and when we are fitted with hearing aids for the first time, the extra sound the hearing aids bring back is surprising in its apparent sudden loudness.

Take your time with your hearing aids, your brain will adjust to this newly regained sound.


Just wondering it that’s what’s happening with me and the loud noises. In December, I suffered SSHD in my right ear. My right ear has always been my better ear. My left has had some nerve damage since I was little. I had some hearing loss in my right ear discovered in 2017 and bought the Oticon OPN 2. When I put the OPN in my left ear after the total loss in my right ear, I found I could hear with the hearing aid in my left ear.

I ended up buying the Phonak M90 for my left ear earlier this month. Now loud sounds scare the you know what out of me. Vacuum cleaners are horrible. Never happened until I lost the hearing in my right ear. I am just wearing the left aid. Decided against the cros because Phonak doesn’t offer a cros with bluetooth and I need my iPhone for conversations. Is this something it takes time to get used to?

When you lower the volume from things being too loud, this change is stored in the aids. Your fitter will see this next time the aids are connected to the software at the fitters. These changes along with notes you take about the environment you are in when you make these changes will help your fitter adjust the aids for your best fit.


Good to know. I emailed Audi and she asked me to come in to discuss. Thank you.

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I completely understand! And my husband says I practically whisper with them in because I am so loud! I’m hoping I will adjust.

Probably longer than I realized since I work at home and don’t spend a lot of time talking to people in person.

I think I am worried about the ticking clock for changing out or returning.

Since you are trialing there is something I want to relate from my experience. When you go in to the audi and they make a change, set up a follow-up appointment for just a few days. My audi wanted to have me try a new setting for up to 2 weeks. However, after only a few days I knew if the adjustment was OK. Sometimes I felt like the audi was just trying to see me as little as possible. Make follow-up appointments for 2-3 days later.

Make good use of the trial period to go as often as you need to for adjustments since they are included. It is very disappointing to have the audi adjust your HA’s during the trial then, after the trial period ends, realize that you want to have another tweak. In some situations those follow-up appointments after the trial period come at an additional cost. Don’t be afraid to return the HA’s and try another model or brand. You can always go back to the ones you currently have on trial.

Good luck! I sincerely hope it works out for you as well as it did for me.

Also, do you have trouble understanding the TV? If so, check to see if there is a hardware box that can connect to the TV to stream the audio to your HA’s. For me it is the best TV audio experience I have ever known.

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All I can tell you is my own experience. My hearing aids are adjusted to meet my needs. I forget that I have them on. It wasn’t always that way. I used to have a style I didn’t like. That had to change before it felt natural. I can say that within a couple of weeks, most brains have adjusted. If it persists in being too loud beyond a few weeks, then go back for an adjustment. Most hearing aid problems are fixable.

Because this is your first time wearing aids, yes, there will need to be some adjustments made. That being said, this stuff drives me insane! Only very rarely have I fitted a new user where I did NOT have to turn down the hearing aids in the beginning. In fact, many of the manufacturers have a setting your provider can set up where the aids are set at a lower volume and they will automatically increase in volume slowly over a period of time.

There is a reason that function is included in most fitting software!!! That being said, I personally don’t use it, because I would rather any increases in volume be directed by the patient and not some dang computer.

Some providers like to “throw you in the deep end of the pool”, so to speak. I, for one, don’t like having to dodge hearing aids as they’re hurled at me by patients who hate them.

I don’t know your case, and I’m not presumptuous enough to tell you what to do. That being said, perhaps asking your provider to turn them down for now so that you can ease into the transition might be helpful.

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Good morning! Thank you for the responses. I went back to the provider and she adjusted. She increased the Rx closer to what she says I need and gave me open domes to help me adjust better. It has made a world of difference. Once I adjust to the people’s voices part, then the intent is to go back to the closed dome.

What was happening was all the random noise was so loud, and the Rx low, that actually understanding what people were saying wasn’t much better, and frankly worse in several instances. For me, things in general are loud. It’s just that I’ve lost consonants, so to me without HE it sounds like people are talking loudly but mumbling.

She said the Signias have the “crispest” sound, which I need.

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aysutherland, what “style” didn’t you like?

roydrose21, I keep wondering about this. Should I try a different brand to see the difference. In office I tried In Ear Canal, which I didn’t like. I also tried two other brands. The Signias definitely felt “crisper” than the other two. But I didn’t try Phonak which I’m curious about. But Audi said they weren’t a good fit for me. Not sure why.