First time HA user: Oticon Opn S1 miniRITE Q&A assistance

Hello! Been on this site for a while reading many pages and updates. I’ve needed HA’s for many years and just bit the bullet and purchased Opn S1 hearing aids. Had them for two days now and have some questions and comments and welcome any feedback and help, I will upload my hearing test once I figure out how!

The Good:
So far, it’s been pretty amazing in between some frustration. My Audi helped set up my HA’s and added a music profile. The amazing is that I have been able to hear things, as others have mentioned, that I couldn’t hear for years. Bird, leaves, squeaky floor boards, microwave and refrigerator beeps, kids playing at the park, BLINKER!, my wife’s voice and similar results to others. I can see how these will be life changing for me.

Phone calls are good to have going directly to the HA’s. the sound is a little light and tinny, as is streaming music, but the convenience is big. Clients can hear me fine so the mics are good as well. No wind issues even while driving and using the A/C blowing.

The app seems to be good. I use the website and the mobile app. Adjusting volume is easy, dual or individual, changing programs, standard, directional, music is easy and seamless. All good to this point.

The frustration:
After only 3 days I do hear a slight feedback from one of my hearing aids. Only happens when my hand or arm moves near my ear but is a little frustrating and definitely only one side. I also have been watching TV and can hear great when all of a sudden it’s difficult to hear, then it sounds good again. Certainly not a situation I want in front of clients or in conferences rooms. This morning, I decided to do a test and had the right one (the one with slight feedback) fully inserted and the other pulled from my ear. What has been happening is that the HA fully inserted seems to completely fade out. Funny, because the other side which is just hanging on my ear (not inserted) I can begin hear the sound clearly. That is likely what is happening when watching TV and sound is good then hard to hear, then good again. Went to a movie and same thing, going great then struggling to hear words. Also, I’ve read on this great forum that some have referenced “warble” with this model and wanted to see if that is what they mean. Warbling between HA’s? In any case, it’s seems that perhaps one of the HA’s has a defect. I switched up and put the left side (non-feedback HA) in and same exact scenario. Sitting still, streaming the same talk show, phone on same side as HA. After 2+ hours it hasn’t cut out once! So curious if anyone experienced this with these HA’s?

Again, the intermittent times when both are active, the change is simply amazing. I have an appt. with my Audi next week but if this continues, I will call them to discuss my issues asap. I don’t have a long trial period so I want to be sure I get this settled quickly.

I also want to get the adapter to stream TV to the Ha’s. Does this have to be purchased through Oticon or are there others on the market, better streaming and budget available?

Any other feedback on these issues and HA’s will be great.

Thanks again everyone. This great site has been so helpful to me and finally happy to have made the jump to finally hear better again!



The hands near the ears and feedback is normal. Not sure about the other issues. I would talk to your Audi about them

The warble I’ve experienced is that sometimes voices sound like the speaker is speaking in front of and in to an oscillating fan. It gives a kind of wa-wa-wa-wa-wa effect to the sound.

The cutting out with TV - is that using the TV connector? I’ve had similar and haven’t yet started troubleshooting on it much. ---- upon further reading your post, looks like you haven’t been using that— watching TV or in general speaking with people, I haven’t had an experience like you describe of one ear not giving good sound. The streamer, I’ve seen on Amazon and through different clinics. My audiologist office is the one who supplied the one I’m using.

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To the OP: you should post your audiogram in your profile so we can get an idea of your level of loss in the first place. It will help us make more sensible comment if we know what kind of hearing loss you have.

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Buy a used streamer off of eBay. Much cheaper and since you are not actually putting it in your ear it doesn’t really matter.

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That’s true. I found an Oticon TV Adapter 3.0 on eBay for $150. I made an offer on it for $125 and they accepted it.

But if your TV has Bluetooth, maybe getting a ConnectClip is a better option because you can then use it for many other Bluetooth devices. However, watching your TV via Bluetooth may prevent other normal hearing people from being able to share watching TV with you because Bluetooth selection usually disables the speaker mode on the TV.


A trick I use to help those that need open fit, but are right on the verge of feedback is to take a closed dome, and cut a slot in the bottom of it about 2 mm wide. It still feels like an open dome, but holds more of that energy from leaking out and causing feedback.

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@eric.cobb, Can you possibly post a photo of your little trick with the closed dome and the slit you cut into the dome? I’d like to see exactly where you place the cut. Thanks.

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Thank you, CV! Appreciate the help!

Thank you, Volusiano. I just added my audiogram to my profile. Let me know if you can see it. Thanks for the suggestion and all your helpful posts!


Quick update. The right HA is still going in an out. Doesn’t matter if they are fully charged or if I’ve been using them a while. Not consistent at all so but when it goes out, it ranges from about 5 to 12 seconds, then kicks back on. I also tried a little test since the right one that goes in an out doesnt give me clear hearing. I took that one out and put the left one in my right ear and it was perfect. Clear sounds and perfectly amplified. I took the defective right HA and put it in my left ear (better hearing side) and it was awful. Tinnie and not close to good sound quality. I am meeting my Audi Thursday as she’s off much of the week. I’ve sent them messages and left a VM describing my issues. They replied and asked me to come in and could meet with another Audi but I declined since I want to meet with my original person. I’ll add their response to this thread once I get their feedback.
Oh, went to Benihana’s last night and it was amazing. At first all the loud voices and clanking of spatulas and knives was a bit much. I’m sure I’ll get used to this but I switched the detonating to “directional” and it was pure magic! I could hear my wife perfectly clear and our friends as well. I always position myself in the middle of groups since I can never hear conversations and still did last night. I was able to keep up with the entire table including 4 seniors sitting at the end of the table. Before getting my HA, I wouldn’t even try to get a conversation going but it was pretty amazing. I could tell when the HA would cut out and it was a bit of a challenge. I only had to as them to repeat something a couple of times which is understandable in a loud environment like that. In any case, looking forward to getting my right side fixed or replaced and as I said, will report back. Thanks again for all the great feedback and suggestions!

Get that aid in to more that likely be replaced

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For sure it sounds like your right HA is defective if it’s going in and out of operation like that. Hope you’ll replace it soon.

Your hearing loss is similar to mine, but actually slightly better than mine. I would recommend you ask your audi to turn on Speech Rescue (the frequency lowering technology) and select the left most 1.5-2.4KHz configuration. It should help with understand speech better.

Beside that, I’d also recommend you have your audi make a copy of your default program (which assumably is based on the Oticon VAC+ fitting rationale), and set this copied program to use DSL v5.0 Adult fitting rationale (along with Speech Rescue) instead. You can also use another third program and fit it with either NAL-NL1 or NAL-NL2 fitting rationale as well. Then you can toggle between these fitting rationales to see which one you like the best. I personally like the VAC+ the best because it sounds the most natural to me, but when I run into a challenging situation where I need better speech clarity in noise, I resort to the program with the DSL v5.0 Adult rationale because it gives me a sharper sound to help understand speech better.

I would also recommend asking your audi to set the noise reduction values to max in both Simple and Complex environments. The default program doesn’t have these values at max, so you’re not fully utilizing the noise reduction power that your OPN S1 has to offer unless you set these parameters to max.

I assume that when you say you switched the HA to “directional”, you mean you turned on the OpenSound Booster (which is a directional setting)? If so, that’s great to hear that it helps you out. To some people, they don’t see any difference. But to others (like in your case), it seems to help.

I have been using the OPNS1 for a few months now with no issues.
They seem to be built pretty good way better than the Oticon RIA.

I’m using the OPN S1 (with batteries as I had a fitting issue with the width of the rechargeable ones) for about 2.5 months now. I love them. I’ve not experienced any of the issues you have found. The #2 setting for damping down the noise behind me is a godsend as I can now hear people in social settings, at clubs, restaurants etc. I’ve been using this brand for 20-plus years and am quite happy with it.

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