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I have been needing hearing aids for quite a while. I just got my hearing checked by an independant Audiologist. I have some serious high range hearing loss. I also have had tinnitus for many years.

The Audiologist is recommending Phonak Marvel rechargeable which have some tinnitus features. The cost is $4200 for the pair. I see that Costco has a BRIO 3 rechargeable model for about $2600 but they have no tinnitus features.

Can anyone give me some input as to the value of tinnitus features. I don’t care about all the whistles and bells and will not do any streaming (perhaps TV). I have an IPhone but get and make very few calls.

Is the comparison worth $1600 for the Marvels over the Brio 3s. As an aside my insurance will reimburse me up to $3000 but I have to pay and submit a claim.

Thank You in advance for any help.



I have the feature on mine but never use it. I don’t notice the tinnitus when my aids are in. You can trial the aids at Costco and see if that works for you before you spend the extra money


I don’t think I’ve heard anybody on the forum praise tinnitus features. They can be simulated by streaming ocean sounds or white noise. They just cover up the tinnitus.

Brio 3 is different than the Marvel, but how it streams is the biggest difference and Marvel gains some features back from the Brio 3 model that does stream directly.

I have no idea what your audiogram is like. If you’re considering Costco, I’d encourage checking them out and see what they recommend.


I’m new to HAs (8 days) and have tinnitus. Its been with me for 40 years and I’m use to it, so even though my aids have a tinnitus feature I will not use it. I don’t talk on the phone or stream music either.


My latest HAs are KS8 from Costco. They don’t have tinnitus features but I believe you can get similar functions using the free Resound Relief app. If the HAs will stream via Bluetooth like the KS8, then you can use the app directly through the iPhone. It’s similar to playing music only it’s specialized tinnitus masking sounds such as ocean waves, white noise, birds, forest noises, etc.


My friend wears the Phonak Sky Q70 UP which doesn’t have the tinnitus feature. She’s made her own tinnitus program by raising the kneepoint thresholds so she can hear the workings of her HAs and that acts as a tinnitus relief for her.


I made tinnitus masking one of my ‘must have’ features when selecting my hearing aids. It turned out not to be what I was thinking it would be. Tinnitus support won’t be a factor at all when I pick out my next pair of hearing aids.

I thought it would be more of a frequency matching that would cancel out most of the tinnitus noise and would run in the background whenever I was wearing my hearing aids. It turned out to be just added noise which I find a bit annoying.

I downloaded a Resound GN app called “Relief” and I find it just as good or better for tinnitus relief when streaming through my ConnectClip.

That’s a good price for the Phonak Marvel’s. I would seriously consider going with those. They are new aids just recently released so you would be getting the latest.


I have ordered the Phonak Marvel wireless aids and will get them on 12/27. Will advise on results.
Merry Christmas


Well, I picked up my Phonak Marvel R (rechargeable) today. They are so comfortable I don’t even notice them in my ear canals. It is going to take me a while to get use to all the sounds I am hearing, such as my computer keyboard clicking as I type this message. I had to have my Audiologist turn down the volumn (from the normall setting) as his voice was so loud after he insered the HAs. Watching TV is great and the volume level is set much lower and the voices are much easier to understand. Have a checkup appointment set for January 3. So far, very satisfied and the iPhone app works great.

Will post more later.


Welcome to the Marvel world! I had my two week “check-up” today. These are also my first hearing aids and my audiologist set mine all the way up to my prescription using Real Ear Measurements right from the get go. I also found her voice and other sounds much too loud so I used the app to reduce the amplification to -3 or even -4 the first week. This last week I was able to keep them at the zero level most of the time occasionally going to -1 or -2. As you indicated TV volume is substantially lower and my ability to communicate in a noisy restaurant is significantly improved. While I can now hear those at my table much better, the outer tables are still noisy and distracting, but improved a great deal from my experience before the hearing aids. I don’t have tinnitus so I can’t comment on the Marvel’s ability in that area. I can tell you streaming stereo music from my iPhone and hands free phone calls into both ears are outstanding. Especially helpful when I’m playing golf. My phone stays in the bag; I screen the call with my apple watch; then if I choose to talk I can do so while I’m walking to my next shot.


Well I have had my Marvels for a few months now. The HAs do a great job of increasing my hearing. However they amplify surrounding everyday noises to the point of irritation. For instance, when I get ice out of the refrigerator ice maker the sounds sounds of the ice droppping into the glass is extremely loud. Any kind of noise in general is amplified to the point of being disconcerting. Even sounds made by my wife in the next room are very loud.

Also, voices on TV have a lisp especially female voices. I seem to prefer TV sound better without the HAs and don’t really have to increase TV volume significantly.

The HAs are now set to my prescription settings with mild tinnitus masking turned on which does help some.

Even the clicking of the computer keyboard as I type this message is very loud. I think I will manually adjust the volume of the aids down a little and give it a try.

I am not sure if I really like the results I get from using these HAs, but I am past the trial period.

I guess I am hearing things that I don’t want to. I describe it as Amplified Noise, not normal hearing.

The Audiologist says it take about 120 days of 12 hours a day to really retrain the brain hearing perception.

Just my thought so far!


This could be the Sound Recover. If it doesn’t go, ask to make SR compressed less.


I am two days into using my Kirkland Signature 8.0 HA’s. I am experiencing similar issues. I already went out and bought a new keyboard for my computer. I had a mechanical keyboard using Cherry MX Brown keys. They were loud. I bought a Logitech K840 model which is still mechanical but uses Romer-G keys that are quieter, but not silent. I like the feel of a mechanical keyboard. But if you want quiet I would look for a membrane type keyboard. They lack the feel, but are quiet. I also read that Cherry MX Red keys are quieter than brown or blue (loudest).

Not sure about your HA’s but the KS8 HA have a feature called SoundSmoothing which is supposed to stop the loudest impulse type sounds. It has three settings, and I had the fitter set it up to max. But, I am still getting used to all this new noise… You may want to ask if your HA’s have a feature like this, and if it can be turned up.


Are you wearing them all day, every day? The extraneous sounds will seem quieter after a few weeks. If you turn those sounds down you are also turning down things you do want to hear.


The programming can be adjusted to compensate for most of the issues you mention. Make a list to bring with you back to your provider.