First time audiogram and testing HA's = dizzy/vertigo; Thoughts on audiogram?

Long time lurker, trying to educate myself before taking the big financial leap. I’ve really appreciated soaking up so much knowledge here. Hearing has been declining for approximately five years. Finally got two audiograms from two different audis and the results are very close (posted most recent in profile). I’m told my prescription is “straight forward” for HA, and I have a loaner pair of Widex Evoke 440’s in right now. After 1.5 full days of use, I’ve noticed a vertigo type feeling consistently for the first couple hours of wear, gradually tapering down to a intermittent vertigo feeling for the rest of the day. I want to believe my brain is just “getting used to” the new processing, but I definitely could not deal with this feeling each day. To be fair, I’m not sure how much the audi customized this loaner pair to my prescription. I felt like I was in there for a while, but definitely no REM. She just had me listen for sounds in each ear and tell her when I heard them, similar to the test in the booth.

So my question…does my audiogram appear to be a good candidate for at least trying KS8’s (or KS9’s hopefully soon)? Even with my insurance coverage I’m quoted over $3,500 out-of-pocket for these Widex Evokes, and I’m not inclined to pay more than I need to, although my hearing is super important to me and I’m willing to pay for the quality of life bonus. I do understand that each product is different for each person, and test driving is the key. I guess I’m just curious if anyone can look at my audiogram and throw out an initial suggestion or two.

Again, thank you everyone. For 1.5 days I’ve been hearing sounds I haven’t heard in years and it’s motivating me to get moving on this process. Take care.

KS8 (or whatever upcoming KS9 ends up being) should handle your loss well, as would any modern aid by a major manufacturer.

What domes or mold are you using. Occlusion can cause similar symptoms.
I agree with MDB about your type aid needed. Any modern aid. If you get outdoor in the wind or spend time in crowds you may want the upper level aids for better speech in bad situations.
You can’t beat Costco for a good aid and price.

Thank you for your quick replies. I am using open domes. Your comment about occlusion made me think, I’ve been pushing the tubes/domes as far as possible into my ear canals, and I’m not real sure why. The audi doctor made a comment about avoiding feedback by fully inserting the domes. This morning I simply inserted the domes into my ear canal without pushing further and I did not feel any of the dizzy/vertigo. I’m not sure if that was the solution or if my brain is getting used to things. I think probably the occlusion, so thanks!

Had lunch at a very noisy restaurant with music blaring overhead and I was not the one at the table asking “huh?”. I’m going to continue this test run, and also wait and see what comes of the KS9 and go from there. Thanks again.

Here is what I posted earlier today:
I’m new to HA’s and have demo’ed the following RIT’s in chronological order:
Otticon Opn 1 1 week Yechhh! Horrible!
Signia Styletto’s 1 week not so bad but metallic sound
Widex Evoke 440 1 month :astonished: Excellent (with qualifications see below)
Phonak Marvel 1 week Meh! (Tamborine effect above mid gain threshold)

So because sound quality is my priority I will purchase the Widex Evoke 440’s
Good Luck!

PS: I had the same Vertigo, etc. for the 1st week or 2
so today July 21 what did you end up getting???