First post - we have a lot to learn

I went to an ENT recently who sent me for a hearing test in office in the same complex. My husband was with me and commented his hearing probably should be tested. My hearing is fine. We went back last Thursday to get my husband’s hearing testing.

After about half an hour of tests, the tester mentioned GN Resound hearing aids. His cost estimate was about $5800. He mentioned that includes fitting and a 3 year warranty that would include loss.

We told him we wanted to think about it. To our surprise his assistant called today to say they ordered the hearing aids which came in today and wanted to schedule fitting them. I told her we never ordered them but said we wanted to think about it. Then she called back stating her boss ‘forgot’ to write down that we wanted to think about it and decided to order them. She wanted to assure us that if we want them they are available etc. I find them to be very, very ‘hard sell’ so I suspect they might be very overpriced.

In two weeks we leave the US for 6 months in Mazatlan/Puerto Vallarta. I am wondering if it is just as easy to buy hearing aids there. My husband has been wintering in Mexico for decades and has relationships with many doctors.

When I googled GN Resound, I found prices starting at $969 on sale on up. But nothing near $5800.

Am I right to guess, that the place we went to might be overcharging hoping we don’t want to consider the options. We can easily afford $5800 but don’t like to be taken if it is better to check other places. We are also considering the local Costco.

Thanks for any advice

Service fees could be what is pushing up the cost. I believe I payed around $2000 for service fees when I got my aids. Having said that I have used more than $2000 worth of my audis time, so it was well worth it.

Thanks for your reply. My husband is 82. His test indicated he is ‘low normal’ for most of the graphs then toward the end of the graph it dropped off. The tester said he must not be hearing all consonants.

I notice that he seems to hear fine if I am looking at him. If I say something from a distance like when I am in another room, that is when his hearing is impaired.

I am not sure how often we would need followup with the hearing office. We travel a lot and are often out of the US over 8 months a year. I am not sure if going to a chain operation like Costco has a benefit of getting service out of the home area.

My husband has Anthem Blue Cross Class F medicare supplement. It genearlly picks up all of his medical over Medicare. I am not sure if there is a hearing aid benefit.

GN Resound is only the company that make the aids and they have several models. Which model also effects price. The Resound Azure can easily be priced at $5,000-$6,000 for a pair depending on where you are & the Dealer you buy from…

Trust your gut… If you felt it was a “Hard Sell” then it probably was…

The AuDs at Costco do not work on commission. The Aids there, just like everywhere else, come in different models and price levels and have different levels of technology. Just like a car or cell phone, you have to choose the features you want or don’t care about and pay accordingly.

You are not likely to get a pair of HAs for much less than $2,000 (for both) and that would be for entry level Aids without the latest & greatest technology. Keep in mind that entry level may be all you need or you may need more.

Speak openly with the dealer about your cost concerns and if you feel you are being pushed into a purchase go elsewhere.

The most important thing is to make sure you can do trials of the aids and return them if they do not work for you.

Be sure you understand what the trial period rules are & how much of the money is refundable and what, if any, extra fees are charged for molds etc…

Last time I heard costco employs generally HIS, not AUDs…
GN is a decent company but if you are willing to spend 5000 to 6000$ i would get instruments from the top companies (ie: Siemens, oticon, Phonak) something like either Pure, Exelia or Epoq …

Now, GN do offer instruments with a combination of good price and features. you can try the x-plorer or the Pixel…

those should be instruments that offer significant value…

good luck in your journey

My costco definitely uses a dispenser, not an audiologist. They will call an audiologist on the phone for you! My experience with Costco is not over, but I can tell you this - they offered high end aids to me at $3000, and that includes loss and replacement. I have hearing issues much like your husband’s, and an open-fit instrument should address it. If you have problems or ‘discriminating hearing’ like me, you may want an audiologist. Costco is definitely looking for a quick sale. But it can’t hurt to go there with a copy of your audiogram and try the models they have there. It won’t cost anything but time, and yes, they do offer support at all costcos that sell hearing aids (which you can check online)