First impressions with Phonak Remote App and Audeo B Direct



emil, with the Phonak Directs when I hear the call coming in on my aids I can push the button on either hearing aid and answer the call. Also push the button to end the call. I do not need to pick up the phone except to make a call.
Does Widex or OPN not have this feature? The pictures look like they have buttons on them.


Widex usually dont have buttons on them, unless they’re for severe hearing loss.

I think you can hear to call, and you might be able to answer the call, but since they don’t pick up your voice, the person in the other end wouldn’t be able to hear you. Hence why you would need to pick up your phone to talk. The audio will be streamed to both ears, but you need the phone in order to speak back. Does it make sense now?


No. I’m not sure if I was clear in my question.
Right now with my Phonak Directs and Samsung Edge, if someone calls me I hear it ring in my hearing aids. I then push the button on top of the hearing aid and it makes the connection and I can talk to the other person. I have to have the phone but it can be in the other room and still make the connection. When I am finished talking I can push the button on top of the hearing aid to end the call.
The only time I ever have to touch the phone is if I want to make a call I have to use the phone to push the numbers and button on the phone. At that time I can put the phone down on the table and end the call with the button on the hearing aid.
I was curious if the OPN1 and the Evoke both operated this same way.
Let me know if I am wording this properly.


You can’t do that with any other hearing aid than Phonak Audeo B Direct. It’s a feature that currently only Phonak have.

If you want to do it with OPN or Widex you would need a streamer. It does not have to be a neck loop, but you’ll need a device you’ll wear while you use the hands free function.


That’s the answer I was trying to figure out. Thank you.
So they have the advantage of iPhone and listening to music and the phone streaming but not a true hands free system.
I love this feature too much to give up. My Doctor is on vacation till next week but luckily she allows me to make appointment’s as often as I need. I’ll plan on working it out with the ones I have and hope maybe in the future Phonak may have an update that will allow to add other Bluetooth items.
Phonak spoiled me with the hands free system. It was something I did not intend to look for when I got the aids. I just wanted to hear better but it only took 2 or 3 calls to become addicted. Thanks for the information.
I’ll keep you posted after my next visit.


The hands free feature is nice, and easy to get used to. But I’ve ended up disabling it as i can’t be sure that people on the other end can hear me, and if it’s windy when i bike i can’t hear them for the wind noise. Too often that its not the right solution, making it more like a nice feature than a need to have for me. :slight_smile:


you must do a lot of bike riding. Everything here is too spread out. I work 30 to 35 miles South of my house. My wife works 20 miles North of our house. A lot of people here have bikes but use them for recreation a few days a month. Not enough to be a deciding factor on hearing aids.
Sounds like you live in a great area.


Yeah, live in a bike friendly city and I don’t own a car. I usually bike several times a day to get from A to B; school, shopping, work. Fastest way around here. Public transportation and cars get stuck in rush hour traffic, bikes doesn’t :smile: , even then you can take shortcuts on bike that cars can’t and traffic is somewhat restricted to make it flow better, resulting drives that might be longer compared to the direct route by bike. It sure is important that I can bike with my hearing aids on. I properly spend 3-7 hours a week on my bike, depending on what happens that week.


Where is the microphone for the phone calls using the Phonak Direct ? Does it use the phone mic?


The Phonak Audeo B Direct uses the microphone it also use for amplification of your hearing; There are only two mics on each hearing aid, and they are used both for normal use, and for pick up your voice when you talk with someone using the hands free bluetooth function.


Don,I think emil said she had problems with people hearing her with hers. She can correct me if I am wrong. Mine work perfect on phone calls. The only time I ever had a problem was when I got up out of my chair and walked down the hall and forgot to take my phone with me. The other person told me I was breaking up real bad and then I realized I had gotten too far from the phone. I have used mine outside in my yard with great success but have never ridden a bike with them which would create a lot of external noise and wind noise that emil talks about.
I was scared they would not work when I got them. I unfortunately am old enough that when you used a mic it was a boom that came around to your mouth. I did not realize technology in mics had reached the level of hearing from the two holes in the top of each hearing aid.

emil, I had trouble with my app not opening and staying connected yesterday from about 9am till 2pm. Then they started working and have not had anymore trouble. We had had bad rain and Lightning the last few days so that may have been my problem with the Bluetooth trying to connect.
Just a guess. The good part is they are back to normal. Even when the app did not work I could still operate the volume with the buttons. Just a minor update.


Interesting. Thanks for the info and update.


emil, one of the things I would like now that I am getting use to the hands free option is to be able to listen to webinars and you tube videos hands free. I talked to Phonak yesterday and they said the TV Connector would accomplish that for me. It has a USB cable that can plug into the TV and powers the device through the USB port.
I started looking for one and it seemed the middle price was around $375 which I was not going to pay right now. I checked ebay and there were a few around $275 but one seller had 9 of them for $150.00 each.
Instead of the Buy Now button he had Make an Offer Button. I offered $85 just to see if he would really negotiate and he came back with $99.99 plus $6 shipping. My office at work does not have a door and I can’t use the ear buds anymore. So I had to start looking for headphones that would be large enough to work. With this price I jumped on this and will not have to worry about the head phones.
I’ll give an update after they come in and I try it.


I’m working tonight with customer contact, and I was just so tired of worse speech understanding, that I turned back to my old hearing aids. Not regretting it. I think would have asked people to repeat a lot more if I had used my new audeo b direct.

TL;DR: I needed something that I was sure worked and it wasn’t the audeo b direct.


Well today, the day after I’m back on the audeo b direct. While worse at speech understanding, they do sound better, and when I’m alone, it doesn’t matter too much to turn the volume up to enjoy some media content.

So they’re definitely not all bad as they might be presented as in this thread. :slight_smile:


Did they explain that there is a short press and a long press on the hearing aid buttons? Short press adjusts volume (on mine, left aid button is down and right is up), and a long press connects and disconnects calls and (I believe) switches programs. As I understand the long press, you can press and hold the button on either aid as they communicate with each other.


Now I’ve used it a few days for normal university lectures and a bit of group work. They work fine for this, still have to turn up the volume, but the speech in noise program works fine for lectures.

I’ve had no stability problems / odd things happen since I disconnected the hearing aids from my phone as headset, and only use my phone as remote control. Looks like the constant bluetooth connection made it kinda unstable.

For whatever reason I don’t notice hair noise as much more, and the wind noise seems to be more manageable now…


Of course just as I said everything was better the right hearing aid stops working. No sound at all. A simple sort reboot does not work. It’ll properly work if its turned off for a few minutes again… Even then; No excuse for this.

And no, it’s not wax. I checked. Also there was sound for a few minutes before it turned off. And then there was NO sound at all. Battery is fine as well, and there was no battery warning. I checked the battery with a battery checker from Oticon I got with my first hearing aids, and it showed full power.


Tried them today, a day after. The right hearing aid still don’t work. No idea what’s wrong, but a hearing aid that dies less than a month in is not very impressive. I’ll return these and try something else.


emil, Don,
I got in the TV Connector Tuesday and hooked it up on my office computer. You don’t have to pair it.
It plugs into the usb port and gets it’s power from that. The first time you use it you push a button on the box and it connects automatically. After that when I come to work it connects as soon as I am in range. Works like a charm. Clarity sounds great . I hear everything. Beeps when an email comes in, You Tubes, Webinars, and anything that comes through the computer. For $99 plus $6 shipping it was a wonderful investment.
Then I was able to take my work phone and Forward the phone calls to my cell. That’s great because I don’t hear as well through the desk phone receiver. This way if a call comes in it rings in the hearing aids and I just push the button.
Really getting use to them.