First impressions with Phonak Remote App and Audeo B Direct



Yesterday I got a pair for Phonak Audeo B Direct B90.

I think I’ve got a bad first fit. My previous HAs (Phonak Ambra M H2O) are better right now, however i know fit matters a lot so it just means I’m unable to judge them at all as hearing aids - yet. I also got some closed soft domes instead of open ones i had before, and I’m not sure i can get used to that. So i think I’ll go back to open domes. Still need to do some more testing so i know what to ask for next time :wink:

One thing however is, that I’m surprised how slow the connection to the hearing aids are when i open the app. It’s not too slow, but it still takes a 1-5 secs. This is something I think would annoy me, but since using my phone as a remote is way better than a external device, I’m sure I would be able to deal with it. Still anyone else with Direct HAs? How long does the connection take when you open the remote app?

I’m using a Nokia 7 Plus with the latest updates.

I’ve tried a few Phone calls (You have to pair the aids twice, one time for the app, and one time for the phone call) and they worked perfectly fine, but i haven’t yet tried them in noisy environments.

Since I’m on the public health care in DK, it’ll take some time before i can get readjustments or another aid. However is anyone interested in updates? Because if not, I’ll just stop :slight_smile:

UPDATE: First impressions with the Music experience is better. I enjoy listening to music on my home stereo, and my previous HA’s had way to much treble for it to be enjoyable on the long run.


Got a few updates:

First of all, after changing the closed dome to a smaller one (so both my ears are now medium) the fit and feel got better. I barely notice them. I tried changing between my old HA and these directs. While not perfect (no HA is) it’s definitely better than my old ones.

Tried calling on my bike. The victim (of the test) could hear me clearly. Properly because my hair is blocking the wind for the mics. However inside a local fast food chain with not too much noise and some background music i had to change to the phone as i got a call, and they couldn’t hear me.

I’ll update again as i get trough more situations, and get more experience with them. (It says average wearing time per day since yesterday is 15.2 h, I think it means I’ve worn them for a little more than 16 hours now :slight_smile: )


Same thing when I used them with my Samsung Galaxy S7. When I opened the app, the connection progress bars (for L and R) would show some progress, and then jump back to the beginning, and so on. Sometimes it finished both sides quickly, and other times it was interminable. I think it was worse in my car, where the phone was also connected to car Bluetooth.

Meanwhile, with iPhone and MFi hearing aids you don’t even need an app if all you want to do is change volume or program. It’s built into the hearing aid control center of the OS. What’s more, the hearing aid control center is reachable via the accessibility shortcut of pressing the side button 3 times quickly. I can get there pretty much instantaneously – release the button after the 3rd press, and the control center is on the screen. It shows its last-known HA state momentarily, and then, if I’ve since changed volume or program via buttons or the app or power cycle, the HA state updates on the screen. I’ve never had to wait for it, or wait to change the volume or program.


I cannot deny that MFi looks nice and have some benefits that other platforms not yet can offer. However I’m not a fan of other parts of the Apple experience, hence why I don’t use them. Also: We already have several discussions about it in this forum, including: Android vs Apple operating systems for HA’s

The connection time might be longer than 5 secs, but mostly it quickly done. They no longer have a progress bar, but a circle that turns until they’re connected. However, since I’ve only had them for ~30 hours it’s too early to make any judgements.


It’s now about a week after I got them. I’ve worn them for approximately 12 hours a day according the Phonak’s app. I’ve been mostly home, where Its like 50:50 when i use them. I always wear aids when i go out (Unless it’s just 10 minutes to get some milk, then I might skip them).

They are better in some situations, worse in some others, and the same as my old ones in the rest of the situations I’ve experienced during my week.

For day-today talking with people I don’t really notice them for the most part. They have a bit less amplification than my old ones, but i don’t notice that when I’m talking with people inside (I’ve also been at a restaurant, and they performed very well there, but so did my old ones). They have very bad wind noise reduction. Its worse than on my old aids, combined with much louder hair noise (for me at least) makes it really annoying to bike if the wind is going right on the microphone. (Since I’m more careful to clear my hear of the microphones and the hair makes more noise now. Before i think my hair actually worked like a natural wind damper, like you see on weather programs with hosts in some storm.

Also this happened:

For anything speech related on tv they’re worse for understanding. The speech is less clear, however I get more of the other sounds. I’ve had situations where I’ve heard some uncomfortable sounds, not sure if it was distortion, or just some sounds that wasn’t amplified before.

Sometimes I feel like they, unlike my old HAs, amplify my tinnitus.

Using them for phone: The voice is clearer, but everything sounds very hollow. And sometimes even at max volume I can’t hear some people. usually not a problem when I’m just using my phone normally. A downside is that i can’t be sure that everyone can hear me always on the other end. Seams like they’re sometimes very good, and other times very bad at picking up my own voice. The hollowness can maybe be removed with adjustments. But I don’t know for sure.

The connection to the Phonak App on my android phone has been mostly reliable. occasionally would my phone ear fail, but then I’ll press retry and it was almost instantly connected. Other times it retired on its own. However most times it works fine.

Feedback is both worse and better. In autosense os, it’s basically impossible to get feedback, unless i move my hand fast towards my ear or away from it. However feedback now happens with over the ear headphones, especially when i even out the pressure in my ear. And while the feedback for my old HAs was this kinda distorted sound, these have a very clear tone. It does definitely not help against my tinnitus. Feedback is ofc worst in the music program, both on my old and new ones. If i just put my hand near the ear i would get loud feedback on my old HAs, however this does not really happen on the new ones. But they do start to feedback if i put my head on a pillow. Old ones didn’t really do that. Maybe it’s because now feedback control is lower in the music program, whereas on my old HAs it couldn’t be turned completely off.

Even with all of the bad I’ve said I still choose the Audeo B Direct B90 over my old HAs.

As a end note I need to say that I’ve only had an initial adjustment and i also got closed domes with two ventilations instead of open domes this time. I’ve had several adjustments with my old aids, so its not completely fair to judge the sound yet. And just “out of the box” standard phonak formular amplification isn’t bad at all, it’s just not perfect. Ideally I would like to end up with a sound somewhere in between my old HAs and the Audeo B Direct B90.

As before I hope someone can use this for anything at all :slight_smile: