First Hearing Aid for Not-So-Bad Hearing Loss -- Quick Question about Approach


Should a person in my situation get a hearing aid that I can grow into over several years as my hearing changes, or should I get one that is maxed out in technology right up front but if my hearing changes, it might become obsolete very rapidly?

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I’m no expert, but I would say there are several aids out there for mild to severe loss that would be both high in technology and allow for some grow space should your hearing worsen. The new Costco 9.0 that just came out would be one (similar to Phonak Marvel). I’ll let the experts chime in here, but I’d think a RIC (receiver in canal) aid that would allow for receivers to be swapped out if your hearing worsened would be one way to go, if that type of aid fit your lifestyle. Others are going to be able to give you more information I’m sure.

Best wishes in finding aids you are happy with!



I would agree with shootingstar. Go to Costco and try the KS9. The worst you will have to do in future is upgrade the receivers.

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There you are. Been wondering where you were, no posts lately.



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get a pair you can grow into! (my hearing loss has always been the same and my hearing aids I have still worked the same for me) #knockonwood



Would love to know your final choice of first HA.