First hearing aid and getting deaf pretty quickly

My hearing has gone worse through years, as you can see at the bottom audiogram. Even though I didn’t expose myself to noise, hearing is getting worse pretty quickly and I’m only in my thirties. Hearing aid is needed. Probably Unitron bc it’s the most professional store over here (also Widex and Phonak, but with just one employee).

What model would you suggest me? What’s my goal for the future? Cochlear implant?

Can someone explain me, how will those higher frequencies, that I cannot hear by myself, be transformed to lower with my hearing aid?

I suggest you ask a qualified medical professional. What are your word recognition scores?

Concur with Abarsanti. I’d suggest seeing an ENT if you haven’t seen one recently and an audiologist you have confidence in and follow their recommendations. If you have any doubts, consider asking for a second opinion.

Do you have your bone conduction scores? Good ones would indicate a cochlear implant would help.

Going with aids, you will likely want a BTE model which gives better power performance at high frequencies.

Hopefully you have already been seen by an ENT. What is your family history? Either parent or grandparents deaf? Have you been on antibiotics? What do you do for a living?

Go to a doctor and ask about cochlear. that 110dB flat line is hardly coverable. I don’t think at this stage hearing aids will give you a proper boost to be able to follow normal conversations, you would still be severly handicapped imo.

Seriously?? This guy needs to find the best implant doc in his area and make an appointment.