First HA for parrot owner/bike rider

I have high frequency hearing loss and have been told that I am a good candidate for open ear BTE models. A few of my daily activities have me wondering if I will constantly have to be taking the aids in & out, or if they can deal with these situations.
First is my lovebird, who spends a lot of time on my shoulder (or at least nearby) and who often lets out a fairly loud high pitched, but very short CHEEP. Second situation is that I ride my bicycle to & from work and on weekends. Will the wind and car noise be a problem? Third (& not so important since I spend less time at it) is my sax playing. Sorry for the oddness of this—just trying to get a picture of what my situation will be.

If you have a lovebird, I’d be more concerned with the bird grabbing your hearing aids and destroying the tubing before you get a chance to grab it back. I doubt she could damage the hearing aid itself, but she might be able to break off buttons. I’m sure she could easily puncture the tubing.

I’m glad you wrote this post because I have a cockatiel and I never even thought about considering what type of hearing aid to get because of her. I don’t wear necklaces or earrings because she gradually and innocently makes her way up to my shoulder and then instantly grabs it. I finally gave up after 3 broken necklaces and 2 pairs of crunched gold ball earrings.

I’ll be getting hearing aids next week and this is something I need to think about. I have had a CIC and I have an ITC and she hasn’t really been interested in either of them and when she has, she hasn’t been able to pull them out.

I have found that both hearing aids have been able to deal with her sudden loud crying on my shoulder. My audiologist had to adjust them and then they both handled her fine. I also have budgies and they’ve been able to deal with them just fine as well. Cockatiels aren’t as loud as lovebirds though (in my opinion).