First experiences with KS7 from Costco

Three weeks ago I picked up my new Kirkland Signature 7 hearing aids. These were my very first aids. Wearing them was a whole new experience for me. Here are some notes on my findings so far.

Right away I was aware of bright high-frequency sounds that I had not noticed much before, things like the chirping of birds, the sound of splashing water, and at first even the sound of my own breath. Another fairly obvious thing I noticed was the echo. These aids produce a distinct echo. I mentioned it to the Costco advisor and she suggested that after a while I would get used to it.

Most folks don’t notice I’m wearing the aids. They are comfortable enough to wear, but late in the day I’m aware of a bit of pressure on the walls of the ear canal.

I decided for hearing aids to improve speech comprehension. It was an experiment, actually. I wanted to get an idea of the benefits and assess them compared to the bother of wearing them. Today after about three weeks of trying them (about 50% of the time), I don’t notice much improvement in understanding what people are saying. There might be improvement, I just am not noticing any significant change.

After only a few days of first having them, the aids stopped working. First it was the left, and then the right. Cleaning them got them working again. The slightest bit of wax kills all sound from them. I found this out by phoning Costco. This info is not in the Troubleshooting part of the manual.

The KS7s are not good for music. The echo effect causes a kind of distorted reverb in the higher pitches and it sounds weird. It is not that bad for casual listening. Maybe I’ll get used to it. Or maybe I will pull the aids out for music and use earbuds instead… but that won’t work in the car. Or maybe I should try a different brand of aid. The Costco person agreed cheerfully that the KS7s are not good for music. That’s back when we were still discussing my needs and before I had ordered them. She did not recommend another kind of HA after we talked about music. So maybe that means that the KS7 is still a good choice overall. But I don’t know.

My glasses don’t interfere with the aids. One of the arms sits a bit higher, that is all. But the strap of my hat (when I wear a hat with a strap) does sometimes get tangled in the aids.

A detailed manual came with the aids, and it describes numerous features and options. I really don’t know which of these options my HAs have. It was not explained. I guess I will ask the next time I am in.

I will keep at it for a few more weeks to see what develops.

Any comments appreciated.

Freddy stick with it. Hearing the chirping of birds, the dripping of water and other high pitched sounds to me is a blessing. Everyone notices my aids since I have a bald head! I have tried my glasses to the inside of the aids and to the outside and at times on top of the aids. And I only refer to manuals when I cannot get something to work.

I would expect your hearing aids would help you most when you’re trying to understand somebody who is soft spoken.
It sounds like the hearing aid specialist just set your aids up with the automatic program. There are 3 music programs available: 1)recorded music, 2) live music, 3) playing music with other performers. Bernafon hearing aids have some reputation for being liked by musicians, although the simplest perhaps is not to wear aids while listening to music. There’s also a program that might help with the echo. It’s for reverberant rooms.

What you are calling an echo isn’t normal. You should seek to get it resolved. You may or may not find a different aid a benefit. The Rexton and Phonix aids are near current models as the KS7. The Bernafon, which many like for music, is a cycle behind and need an upgrade.

I’m new at this, but I would recommend you wear them as close to 100% of your waking time as possible. Part of getting used to hearing aids is to “learn” to appreciate the sounds you’ve been missing for years. Its bound to sound a little weird at first.


I’ve had my KS7’s since mid-March. I still have some difficulty hearing soft-spoken people. For music, get one of the music programs added. I thought it was pretty good all things considered. Remember, hearing aids do not bring back the hearing you had as a kid. At first, I was focusing on music. Then I found a program that I can control left and right equalizer on my computer (which is my primary music source). Then I became far more focused on hearing speech. There is still some difficulty but at least the tv is lower for the spousal unit.

Kenji you must have got your crystal ball fixed eh?

If you mean echo as in your own voice that’s a simple fix…
If you everything has an echo this is also an easy fix.
Wearing them 50% isn’t helping you to adapt to them.
They were indeed working just clogged with your wax?
Music is another simple fix just ask to have a music program added… Also asked to have the lower end beefed and tone down some of the high.

Hi Doc Jake,
Thank you for a wonderful posting! That is the helpful, informative and useful information that we new comers hope to receive when we venture onto a public platform. Attaboy, I knew you had it in you…

I used to wear a pair of Costco KSHA02 CIC (Kirkland Signature 2 maybe?) and my house has a great room with a 15 foot high ceiling. With several other pairs of HAs I’ve been wearing (2 Costco CIC models and the Oticon OPN), none of them produce any kind of echo on loud and abrupt sounds like when I clap my hands in the great room. But this Costco KSAH02 model produces a very unnatural echo when that kind of sound happens. No matter what the Costco HIS did, she could not get rid of it. But other than that it worked OK in most other situations. I don’t consider it normal because none of my other several pairs of HAs do that. I don’t hear that when I don’t wear HAs either, and the echo from the clapping sound should be in the low enough range for me to notice it even with unaided hearing.

The effect I’m noticing is normal, according to the Costco person. But maybe “echo” isn’t the right word. It is more like a reverb effect.

Agreed, but I had some issues and decided dealing with those was more important at the time. Should I wear them to a dentist appointment? They pretty well turn you upside down and there are hoses and stuff around your face. I decided not to. Or if you are sick for a day… Anyway, tomorrow morning I will put them on and will start trying for 100%.

What does this mean? “Added” how? Do I have to go to Costco? Does it cost money?

What does that do?

Anyway, I think I can accomplish this myself by just turning down the volume. My aids are open, so the lower frequencies go through without the HA. The higher frequencies are amplified. So lowering the gain gives less higher frequency.

Oh my… Good luck!

When you go to them for your first few follow-up visits, ask them to add the program. It should be free. You will primarily run on the Auto program which is always required. It has it’s own internal modes where it senses and adjusts things according to what it’s “hearing”. You then have the option of adding another 5 programs. You can switch these programs with the phone app or the Smart Connect or have them set up one of the buttons for program change. That’s what I have. My right buttons do volume and press-and-hold program change. My left buttons do mic focus. There are several programs available in the aid. This post lists all the available programs.
Have you read all the other threads simply searching ks7? There are two main threads talking about them and several others.

Thanks, I will ask them.

Have you read all the other threads simply searching ks7? There are two main threads talking about them and several others.

No, where are those threads? Under “Hearing Aid Forum (Recently Moved)”?

So I did a search, and came up with “The following words are either very common, too long, or too short and were not included in your search:

The KS7 threads are under the subforums - Rexton.

I never wear my aids to the dentist or barber, but do for basically everything else until I’m off to bed.

What Doc Jake meant about boosting the lows and turning down the highs cannot be accomplished by using the volume control. That has to be programmed into the software by the hearing aid specialist at Costco. Most folks will write down the top 2-3 specific complaints and then ask the hearing aid specialist to make adjustments based on the users complaints. For example “I’m having trouble hearing soft spoken females.”

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Freddy: You’re right. My apologies. I didn’t actually test it. Abarsanti has it though. Maybe I used “costco” when I was looking.
Thread 1
Thread 2
There are several other smaller threads that mention ks7.
As another fyi…the KS7’s are made by Rexton with a few features removed. They’re pretty much the Emerald 80 6C. If you look inside the battery compartment you’ll see 80 6C on a tiny sticker. And the Rexton name on the outside of the battery door. If you’re using hearing aids you’ll probably need visual assistance to see the numbers :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip about finding the KS7 threads, and for explaining what Doc Jake said. I still don’t know the reason for adjusting those volumes. The answer is probably in those KS7 threads.

It will take me quite a bit longer before I am able to explain exactly how the aids are working or not working for me. Wow, “having trouble hearing some females”. Right now I am not sure the aids help understanding anything better. I’m thinking it will take quite a bit more experience, not only with the aids, but also without them. This because I might not notice better understanding as much as less understanding.


This forum is great, but (no offense intended) is a bit of a zoo. Since joining a month or two ago, I have basically been browsing semi-randomly. It is not useful to search for terms like KS7 or Costco. So I read a recent post here and a post there. It has been quite interesting and one learns a lot. But after a while it gets repetitive. For sure more focused info would be much better.

So I will explore those links, not today, but when I get some time next week.

Yes, they are made by Rexton, as my Costco person also said. That is different from what some are saying here on the forum.