First ear injection for tinnitus today!

Today, I received the first shot of 3 into the inner ear for tinnitus.Its Prednizone steriod especially formulated without preservatives, which are toxic in the inner ear! It may help for My tinnitus, dizziness and may improve hearing. It doesnt help in every case so is a trial thing on a individual basis. My ENT said its helped some of his patients improve, so Im hopeful! He also works at the VA and they use this procedure with so many military having damaged hearing. Dan

Have you been diagnosed with auto-immune inner ear disease? Have you had tinnitus a long time? I was under the impression that prednisone had to initiated relatively soon after the hearing loss/tinnitus. This would be a new type of treatment. I had prednisone delivered via pills. I thought that methotrexate was the standard for injection into the ear.

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Im 71 YO and had tinnitus and hearing losss since 1985. The tinnitus seems to predominately be in my right ear , hearing loss boith ears. Its my understanding the inner ear is about the most difficult part of the body to treat with oral meds, just doesnt get to it.I understand they have found oral steroids, wont help then. They began treating meneires with steroid shots, not long ago and found a side benefit of tinnitus improvement. My ENT told me its the latest and greatest treatment for Tinnitus. He said he had just treated a woman with rageing Tinnitus, did the 3 procedures and it became vastly improved. Ive gone to this same ENT since 1985, the last time was 2004 and this procedure is since then! Dan

Holy cow. Did that hurt?

Err … why post in this thread?

Anyway, go and see a doctor IMMEDIATELY. It’s probably water stuck behind wax … BUT … you need to make sure for safety!

You might have picked up a viral infection, in which case you need to move FAST.

Danbeck, did you got any improvments since your first injection ? My wife is have a several tinnitus problem and this is interesting me.

Thank you.

I also would be interested if it helped so please let us know. Also isnt Prednizone very addictive in pill form? Would it be the same with injections in the ear?

I think is better for you go to doctor and check your ears, you never know!