First annual review at Costco - what should I expect?

Almost a year in now with my KS10s. All good I think but my one year review is coming up. My only benchmark is the 3 yearly recall the NHS used to send out, involving a full hearing test and general chat with an audiologist. What’s the deal with Costco? New receivers etc?

Also, I might be able to persuade my employer to spring for a Roger ON In device. The guy I’ve seen at Costco is ex-Phonak and uses a Select himself. Can Costco do the necessary to set up such a device for me?

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I would expect a hearing test and to reprogram hearing aids based on that test. I wouldn’t expect anything to be replaced (other than domes and wax filter) unless they detected an issue. Costco would not typically do the setup of the Roger device. Your situation may be a one off, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Very easy to set up the Roger On iN yourself.


Wow…that really is easy!

I’m coming up for my first annual review on May 25th. Did you get a 6 month check? I did, new domes, wax filters etc. I am expecting the same for the 12 month, maybe with some minor adjustments.

Yes, my 6 monthly review came at the time a firmware update was available. Great timing!

I just had my first followup, delayed by Covid. A full hearing test, adjustments, and a REM. Also changed the domes I use to a new “style” as suggested by the equipment. Did a walk around as to see how I did with it.

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Hi Nancy, Was that 6 months or 1 year?

18month I didn’t do 1yr or 6 m because of COVID

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