First aids,information please

My hearing loss is mainly in the high end:
250 -1000 20 to 30
1000 -4000 30 to 70
both ears almost same figures.

I am now wearing in a trial period the resound dot 30, the latest device on the market, and that is an improvement,but only compared to not wearing anything
My audi is quite positive about the dot, but when I read the Oticon site,
I get the impression that the Oticon Epoq probably is the more developed
and powerful device.
My audi gave me the idea that for me the Epoq would be overkill?

I would be very grateful for advise or opinion from people who are more knowledgeble or experienced on this because i have found out that is difficult to find tests or other information on hearing aids,apart from manufacturers.
My next appointment with my audi is march 17.

I will be grateful for any input from you.

I do fit both of them, I like the epoq a lot better, more audiological features…

Expect to pay more, I must say your audi has to be familiar with the work

flow of epoq, which is different from what it used to be…

If you want more value, there is an upcoming oticon Epoq V

which should be around 2,000 or so… It has less features but

it should be similar…

I’ve been wearing dot 30s for almost 3 weeks now, and like them a lot. Having worn a variety of in the ear or behind the ear aids in the last 6 years, I find the dot 30s to be the most comfortable both in and behind the ear. The technology of the natural directionality, where one ear is a focus ear and the other a monitor, gives me a nice ability to hear sounds all around me.

My loss appears similar to yours. The Epoq appears to be a nice device, but compared to the tiny size of the dot 30 looks large; all things equal I’d prefer the dot 30.