First 5 hours with new aides

I got my Rexton Revera BTE open fit aides today. They do make a big difference in what I am hearing. I am hearing a lot more high tones and words are crisper. Putting ice in a glass from the ice maker is oh so loud. I presume I will get used to the some things being louder than I have ever heard them before. I do think I am going to enjoy wearing HAs. Life is getting better.

When I came home tonight my wife didn’t even know I was wearing them. I finally had to tell her I had them on. She didn’t believe me, even after looking for them. They are almost invisible. Very cool.

We are glad that you have received help via hearing aids and that you are hearing better.

It does take a little while to get used to hearing this well, but you can get there quickly by using them daily.

The cosmetics today are very good and it is nice that devices today look and work well.

Keep us updated of your progress.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ve been following your posts, and was anxiously awaiting this one. Glad that your first day experience was a good one. Here’s hoping it gets better from here, like it did for me.:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys. I appreciate the comments. So many sounds are so much more pronounced than I have ever heard. Pouring Total cereal into a bowl was a new experience. :smiley: The HAS did set the gain lower to get adjusted to the new aides, but I can’t imagine how it could ever be louder on the higher tones. Some of the women’s voices in the office are really loud. I know I will get used to it, but right now it is kind of fascinating. I have an appointment next week to see if adjustments are needed. I am looking forward to an interesting weekend of hearing new sounds.

Congratulations! I remember (oh so many years ago) the first day of my first set of hearing aids. I discovered that light switches make noise! I never knew that before HAs.

We have 2 cats. One with a fairly loud meow and the other with a very quiet one. Well I have found that the quiet one isn’t as quiet as I thought. :smiley:

I know that I will be needing some adjustments since the loud higher sounds are really quite loud. I really hope that the loud women’s high pitch voices here at the office, aren’t always going to be this painful to listen to. I realize that I will get used to it, but feel like the Bionic Man when I walk by closed doors and here them talking quite clearly.

give it time till you get used to this sounds…


I do not know, but does the Rexton software have some sort of acclimatization or adaptation manager maybe this is what you need…

I use the automatic adaptation manager and it works real well


I am going to give it all the time I need. I am enjoying being able to hear again, even if it isn’t quite what I thought I would hear in some cases. My HAS has set it lower for me to get used to it and will adjust it up as I need and am ready for it.

Last night we went to a party. In the past I have been able to hear some parts of conversations, but unfortunately I have had to either had to ask people to repeat what they say or just smile like I heard them. I might have had to ask what a couple times, because it was a loud group, but I could understand everything people were saying, even people in groups that weren’t next to me. Quite an “ear opening” experience. I always assumed that everyone had problems hearing what other people were saying at parties due to the background noise.

I do need to get the aides adjusted some, it was particularly uncomfortable when the cockatoo started screeching. The pitch was really loud. A woman that I know has aides was also at the party was also complaining about the sound; so maybe the sound is just really annoying rather than the aides amplifying it too much.

It has been 2.5 days and I am really enjoying hearing the clarity in sounds that I have heard but just sounded flatter. I should have gotten aides several years ago. I am still surprised that no one has yet to notice that I am even wearing aides. These BTE units are quite small and just don’t show much, even with my short hair.

The first thing I discovered when I first got aids was that you’ll now recognize people who wear aids, and they will likely recognize you wear aids, but others who don’t will not recognize that you do.

That is so true. I am looking for thin tubes now. I really don’t care if people know I am wearing aides; but it is surprising how “stealthy” they are now.

I am really surprised that there isn’t some industry advertising showing how much HAs can help people and how invisible some styles really are. With the baby boomers getting to the stage where they realize they are having more difficulty hearing, there is a huge opportunity for this industry. Until a friend of mine who has been wearing BTE open fit aides told me he had them, I didn’t know he did. Once he showed them to me, I had to find out about them. Once I did a five minute demo of some at Costco, I knew I had to have some.

Ah…the day that I got my hearing aids…31st July 2006 at 12:45pm to be precise. Such joy and it keeps getting better. At first I found the new sound wonderful. Then after a while, I wanted more-and more. I found that over the months, my brain gradually was able to filter out the background noise and allowed me to focus on speech better. I started off with open ear fittings and BTE’s and now have settled for occluded molds deep and tight. It took a year to get where I am now in the development of what is suitable for me. I have a great hearing aid fitter who is very accomodating. I never leave my hearing aids out except for having a shower and sleeping. Good luck to you and I hope that vanity does not cloud your judgement in what to select going forward

i look @ everybody ears…


I have now had my HAs for a week. I had some adjustments done on Monday that have reduced the loudness I was hearing at times, especially in my left ear. All I can say is that I really love my hearing aides. It has made such a difference in my ability to hear sounds I hadn’t realized I wasn’t hearing; and most importantly, I can really understand what people are saying. I wish I had gotten them years ago, but they probably didn’t have the small BTE open fit style that got me to try them out. I couldn’t be happier.