Firmware Update - Starkey

Just a quick note, there’s been an update to our Starkey (Inspire) which has triggered a firmware upgrade to the Evolve Ai that we have out there. I’m not sure what it resolves, but if you’re running into any issues with your Aids, it might be worth getting your dispenser to run the update to ‘clear down’ the HA and get a fresh installation.

The Firmware took about 10-15mins total on our system to do the pair. So, not the fastest, but it looks like a full erase and re-write.


Thank you for the information.

Just curious. Do you see any Release Notes with change information?

Do you notify possibly affected clients?

We get automatic updates to the Inspire platform, there’s probably something about ‘improved stability and connectivity’ floating about, but I didn’t see anything specific.

The usual advice is to bump to the latest release as you go along within the realm of normal fittings/servicing. We don’t mailshot fitted customers - unless there’s a defined benefit as lots of them aren’t that worried about the latest iOS connectivity. Also if there’s a problem with the upgrade, I’d rather find out after 2 or 3 customers than after doing 20.


Thanks @Um_bongo. Do you know if the Evolv AI CIC wireless can stream from a phone? I just want to listen to calls and music. The user manual implies that it can but my local Audiologist isn’t convinced.

I’m not sure there’s room for the right aerial in the CIC version, but the larger versions do.

Your audiologist could always send your impressions to Starkey and ask them to send back a picture of the smallest ITC they could make. They don’t want to be too small as they won’t fit the charging ring on the faceplate.

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Plus, the Thrive app updated 1 day ago on App Store and also updated on Google Play.
The update states:
“This update includes several performance improvements [unspecified] to enhance your hearing experience.”

According to Inspire v2022.1, it was updated on 19 Dec 2022 to fix minor bugs. The same version has a 24 Jan 2023 latest news update:
“New look. New name. Thrive Care is now Hear Share
The industry’s first and only caregiver app, Thrive Care, is updating to Hear Share on January 24, 2023. This automatic change won’t impact functionality for current users, and will prepare our family of apps for the future of Starkey hearing technology.
Hear Share is compatible with Evolv AI 2400-1200 and Livio Edge AI wireless products, allowing patients to easily share certain health and wellness information with trusted people they select. By using this app, patients can maintain independence for longer, and their loved ones can enjoy peace of mind.
Visit StarkeyPro starting January 24 for more information.”

And, the Inspire v2022.1 check for updates says “No updates are available.”

Thanks Interesting idea, however the smaller form factors use 312 and that’s my preference anyway. Last I heard Starkey was “pre-bending” the antennas so that they were a little less bizarre looking. It’s just whether or not they have Bluetooth streaming that is hanging me up. Maybe the latest custom order form would shed some clues?

No updates to Inspire, Thrive App, or firmware here either.

No interest in Hear Share.

I think the only possible way is with a looped extraction handle/cord, but I think there might be patent issues with that (GN?).

Just received Thrive version 3.5.0 from the Android Play Store. Inspire is not showing an available performance update (firmware).

I’ll share my observations if there is something different noticed.

Car mode didn’t work at all (unless it is silently switching memories). Just drove to the grocery store and back. Before it worked poorly, switching too often and not always returning to original memory.

Starkey support emailed the following change log for Thrive 3.5.0 to me:

The new Thrive app contains the following improvements…:

  • Improvement for fall alert feature on Android
  • Improvements on login looping
  • Fixed Translation issues on Apple
  • Improvements to Thrive Assistant (switch from Alexa Service)
  • Thrive Care name change to Hear Share.

Unfortunately, they did not attempt to address the car mode problem other than saying location services need to be enabled on the phone. Yep, it’s turned on. Maybe they didn’t look at the system log file they collected?

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Upgraded the app to 3.5.0. But the HA firmware seems unchanged, everyone still on


I don’t think Thrive is capable of updating firmware.

I just checked Inspire, no update to Inspire available and no performance update available from within Inspire.

Yes, confirmed with audiologist that Thrive will alert when a firrmware update is available but not let you actually update it.

Also confirmed that is the latest.