Firmware update for Resound?

I keep having issues with streaming to my aids, mainly with the right ear. I will get a quick series of four beeps, and, the right ear stops streaming (regular amplified hearing is NOT affect ed). I had this problem with both the iPhone 6s Plus, and now with the iPhone 7 plus–and, had seen many posts advise getting latest iOS (which I have), latest version of the Resound App (which I have) and latest firmware.

I had gotten my aids in April, 2016, from the VA, and went there two weeks ago to request a firmware update. The Audi didn’t know anything about it, so, called Resound support–which also didn’t know anything about it. They had me un-pair and re-pair the aids a few times (which I’d done many times before, and really didn’t make the situation any better).

I checked and they DO have Aventa, which appears to be the latest release–soooo…IS there a firmware update for my aids? And, how do I explain to the Audi (and, I guess Resound) that I’d like to try it, and see if it improves things? Does anyone know the version of the latest firmware upgrade, so I can just tell them that’s what I want to try?


Sounds like a battery problem. I’ve had the same issues, until I started buying batteries directly from a dealer and the situation improved immensely. The bluetooth streaming requires top of line, top notch batteries.