Finished my trial of Signia Pure Charge&Go 7X

I’m turning in my demo pair of signia pure charge and go 7x’s… I wore them for over a month and even though I do believe the HA itself is a great product and I was able to hear clearer and a somewhat better with them I can’t deal any longer with their incompetent app. I was happy with the streaming of both TV and my I phone and battery life was sufficient to wear about 15hrs and stream my TV on avg. of 6 hrs a day and with weekend football about 9hrs. the HA app the showed charge was empty but they never shut down. I live in Florida so wind noise is a big problem and I had settings maxed out and wind noise was minimum… I would have probably purchased them but after writing a review of their app and sending it in to Signia I received a very basic answer stating they would forward it to their tech dept. and also went on to blame my audi for possibly not downloading the app correctly which could cause my problems… I failed to mention to them that the app was deleted and downloaded several times and twice with their technicians on the phone telling my audi step by step how to do it… the app still continually would freeze up or show that it wasn’t synced with my phone while open… when re-opening the app hook up times varied from 25 sec. up to over 2 minutes… I told them they had a world class HA and a app that should never have been allowed to be associated with their HA also during the last call to signia from my audi they admitted that they were still working on some glitches (lol) and hoped that sometime in february to have a repair, (MAYBE)

Hi @Ureout
All apps for hearing aids are crap when they show battery status; that’s not reliable since when battery have low charge it disconnect Bluetooth and keep working. I guess this is on purpose, a feature to give user more juice.

In the last 3-4 months almost all brands have redesigned their apps and removed some features (I guess it have something to do with iPhone MFi permissions).

And yes, they’re right: our experience with HA relies on our audi’s expertise.

We must test them and be patient

Battery charge indicators can work to some degree on a rechargeable battery. They are next to useless on a disposable zinc air battery.

It is hard to figure out what Signia is doing with their app. In the previous version they used the motion sensor in the smart phone. In the X version they built that into the hearing aid. For that reason they must have had to update the app. That would not be an excuse to downgrade it. I have some connection reliability issues with my KS8 Smart Direct app, but nothing serious.


Agree with everything stated regarding Signia app. I’m Using the original App prior to this updated app. It still works w/ my Signia Pure 13 HAs. Good luck

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I may have mentioned this to you before, but the Rexton Adore Li aids are still available at Costco, for a price of about $1800 a pair. They are basically the 7Nx version and use the more capable Smart Direct app.

You guys are giving to much weight on the app features, when everything except directional hearing can be managed under the accessibility menu of iOS, you can even get better battery status under the iOS functions.
The latest app will still make changes to volume, program, sound balance even if it indicates that is not connected to Bluetooth. Signia/Siemens uses high frequency sounds from the iPhone speaker to the hearing aids to do this, they have been doing that since I trial the Costco KS6. One of my family members with great natural hearing can hear the high frequency pitch when I make the changes. I saw my audiologists today, and told her the app sucks, but I’m having better conversations and phone calls with the 7X, so I’m keeping them.

All I normally use the app for is to change programs, and the microphone focus. I occasionally look at the sound exposure graph to see how loud restaurants, etc, are.

I agree with you about not using an app much ONCE you have had your HA’s for a while and had a chance to fine tune them to the way you like to hear in different enviroments. I basically have 3 programs on my resound quattros
All Around, Restaurant, and TV streamer… I use there GPS setting program for my indoor program I drive into my drive way and the program changes automatically to an indoor enviroment, when I leave the house I set a point about 2 streets away and it changes my program again automatically to the outdoor prog. I made up these GPS programs in the favorites part of the app and the only adjustment I rarely have to make is for volume which I do on my HA. Resound has by far the best and most technological app on the market IMO…

When you are demoing brand new HA’s this a total new experience in the way you hear things and a FUNCTIONING app is very important to make your adjustments… my frustration with the app isn’t over being able to make a simple adjustment it’s that after I open the app in the morning and then through out the day it never stays connected to the HA’s it freezes up and then you have to re-start it which can take anywhere from 25 seconds to over 2 minutes for the hook-up… We live in 2020 there are many apps in different products that work great you just need a competent engineer to design your app correctly… remember this is a new product and as far as I’m concerned you do not let bring it to market until you have a product that doesn’t have flaws in it… and then when you contact there customer service dept. you get a BS reply back saying that your feedback is appreciated and that your info. will be forwarded ahead to our tech. dept. and we hope to have ANOTHER fix sometime in March… Really this is a freaking HA app not rocket science
ok I’m done with my rant have a great day

I’m still in trial phase with the Signia Pure Charge&Go 7X. Quality hearing aid, but the app ruins the experience. I have to rely on my iPhone, going thru “Settings,” “Accessibility,” “Hearing Devices.” The app refuses to remain Bluetoothed, sometimes the 7X as well.
The only reason I swapped out demo Signia Charge&Go 7NX was because the dispenser felt the newer model would give me opportunity to have additional power if needed in the future. I actually found much better audio quality for Bluray videos or music from home audio with the 7NX. Programming may remedy this with 7X…I hope. Also the 7X will for no reason come out of what my dispenser had done for me in Settings to mimic “Cafe” mode in the myControl Signia app, and I’m suddenly plunged into a den of noise from busy, crowded dinner setting. This never happened with 7NX, never with Signia 7 Stylettos.

For a myriad of reasons I much prefer the case with cover of 7X over the open case of 7NX. Otherwise for my own use it’s the 7NX, also the Signia 7 Stylettos. (Love those Stylettos!) Also, I really take advantage of settings in Signia’s myControl app on my iPhone.

Signia engineering isn’t “hearing” us. They’re killing their own product! Or perhaps the 7X is designed more for older people who don’t even want to use a cell phone but prefer to rely on the hearing aid alone to choose what’s best for their situation?

I readily understand why you’re turning the 7X demo back in. Did you trial the 7NX?

As a shortcut you can get to the basic MFi screen by quickly triple touching the home key.

Not sure what your hearing loss is (or I have forgotten it) but I have recently switched from the NAL-NL2 to DSL v5. I find DSL v5 much better in a restaurant situation.

I’m curious how much gain DSL v5 give (tries to give?) you in your right ear? (and to simplify, for soft sounds at 2khz-6khz) I’m guessing one of your fitting curve graphs for it is here somewhere so providing a link to that would also work. Thanks.

I have not tried these hearing aids yet but planning on doing so. What I am looking for is how well the aids function for my needs and not what some app does. I am old enough to remember that we did not have apps to do the adjustments. We had controls on the hearing aids for that. My first three pairs of aids only had the default program. All I worried about was the volume. I prefer a set of hearing aids that can do what I need with only the default program. And I would live it if they can handle all of my daily activities with just the default program. Yes, I know that is hard with the most modern hearing aids, but why is it different now than before when all we had was the single program and even most aids did not have anything but the default volume setting.

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Here is a graph of pretty much what the DSL wants (coloured lines), and what I actually have (black lines). I need to get an further adjustment with the right one, as feedback is still an issue with certain frequencies triggering it.

Looks like you have the left one tamped down notably in the upper frequencies, presumably to avoid feedback?

Yes for sure, and I have other issues in the left ear where I get into distortion when the gain goes too high. It appears to be an ear problem.

Sierra, I no longer have home button/key on my iPhone. Otherwise, thanks for the shortcut that will work for many users!

The other issue I’m experiencing with 7X is that some days no matter how many times I start from scratch, removing HA from ears, replacing HA in case, closing case, starting from scratch I can’t get them Bluetoothed much less get any control with the app. Some days I never once get them Bluetoothed, other days I never get the app responding. Then for no reason one morning they connect thru settings and no only Bluetoothed but the app works! Then during the day, perhaps even tho I have not changed from whatever setting I chose the HA disconnect themselves from app. They may or may not remain Bluetoothed. I never had this issue with either 7NX or the Stylettos using the myControl app. Once does it until I put the HA away.
I’ve even contemplated trying the 7X w/ old myControl app. Doubt very much it would work. The 7X is simply a different “beast.” I’ll be calling Signia this week. If not resolved I’m going back to 7NX and hoping Signia doesn’t mess them up when they “fix” their code to move all models to same app!
The other solution is to ditch Signia HA all together, move to different brand. Now that’s extreme, I’ll admit after being so delighted with the 7NX Stylettos. Those perform perfectly for me except for my home entertainment system. TV doesn’t come thru clearly for many broadcasts, nor does the finer points of Soundbar and subwoofer.
On REM with Stylettos it does show them capable. My audiogram show way too much hearing loss, particularly L ear for Stylettos. However, it could be a matter of correcting the programming given results of REM and all situations I’m in where hearing should be too challenging but isn’t at all.

signia would be better off having no app at all than the garbage they ask their customers to use… I trialed them for about 3 weeks and was totally frustrated with the lack of customer care to all the complaints to them and their promises of we should have a fix in the near future… and that’s after trying to fix the app several times with worthless updates in the past couple of months

I don’t have one either. I messed it up when trying to replace the battery with a new one. There is a method to add a “soft” home key to your screen. In most situations it works very well. The process to get it on the screen is a bit convoluted however. On a quick search here is one link on how to do it.

On your aids losing connection with the iPhone I wonder if it is an iOS 13 issue? With my iPhone 7 and the KS8 aids (like the 7Nx), they always connect in the morning. They do drop out occasionally during the day when I carry my phone in my front pants pocket. But unless the battery is low they will immediately reconnect.

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Not the iOS 13.3 on iPhone causing the problem. Stylettos and 7NX it’s easy. They Bluetooth right away using myControl, stay connected as well. This morning otoh, after two attempts wearing 7X the right HA does Bluetooth but not the L. The Signia app shows neither connected and refuses to respond to a change from one program to another.
I don’t see why they released a new model (the 7X) without a functioning app. Signia had such an excellent thing going with their prior models. Did they even need to bring a different one to market? The result, along with the news that Signia myControl app will be replaced so all models will use the same app has me questioning my choice of Signia, even though I like the Stylettos as well as 7NX. (My 14 year old Phonaks are so overdue for replacement.)

You have me worried now that I know they can effectively disable the app from their end. If they decide to disable the existing Smart Direct app I am going to be very displeased. In the worst case I will stop using it, and just depend on the iPhone triple home button MFi menu to make changes. That is what I did in Mexico when the Smart Direct was effectively disabled by having no WiFi or Cell Data connection. The interesting part is that is seems to be much more power efficient. Battery consumption on the iPhone end was much less than when I run Smart Direct all day. Didn’t keep track well enough to decide if it had any impact on the HA batteries…