Finger in my ear audio sensation

I appreciate any and all wisdom on this. As am new to HAs, my description may not be typical. My right HA produces sounds similar to what I hear when I block the hearing canal with my finger when not wearing HA. For example, when I speak in a normal tone it sounds I hear myself as if I’ve got my finger in my right ear: muffled internal sound. My left ear sounds normal. Crumpling paper near left ear is clear, right ear is muffled. Hearing others speak in quiet room is the same: muffled voices in right ear while left is clear. No change after replacing wax filter. Appt with audi next month. Thanks!

Assuming that the right ear hearing aid uses a dome of some kind–try pulling the dome out of your ear very slowly while monitoring the degree of occlusion. I suspect it will stop. If so, then change the style/type of dome to something with more venting.

Try swapping aids, ear-to-ear… see if it follows the aid

The right ear is simply more occluded than the left. Could be the geometry if the ear or the posiitoning of the vents. If you have domes with vents you can try rotating the vent holes or clearing any vent obstruction.