Fine tuning using TARGET on tv connector

For me, I believe the best feature in my marvel R90 hearing aids is the TV connector. However, the sound quality to my ear is just a bit too "dull"and I would like to discover a way to adjust tonality (treble, bass and mid-range) using TARGET 7.0.

Do any of you folks have a specific suggestion for me to approach this issue.

@Blacky can confirm but I think it’s not the TV Connector that needs adjusting but the program in your aids that the TV Connector uses. If that’s the case, then you’ll need a Noahlink Wireless to adjust your aids.

Zebras…thanks for the reply. I do use target and Noah Link wireless for all adjustments. In fact, I used audiogram direct and fashioned a completely new"first fit"for my marvel r90’s and after just a bit of fine tuning my aids are just perfect for me. I just can’t figure out how to find fine tune the output from the tv connector to my aids using TARGET.

I believe you’ll find this under

“AutoSence OS 3.0 (streaming)”

I don’t have a TV connect to test it myself, but since you have everything you can experiment yourself.

Good luck.

Tenkan: thanks, I’ll give that a try also. Appreciate!

You have two Bluetooth programs. One of them will help you with your TV connect.
We are in a power outage and my PC is down, can’t look to verify which program.

Raudrive: thanks for the comment. I’ll be interested to find what you discover when next you are in target.

We have had a major ice storm in central Texas. Trees down everywhere. Power poles falling over from the weight. Bad situation. We are still out of power.

Thanks @Zebras for summoning me.

Indeed, under second block called autosense streaming, you have two programs - speech and music.
Both of those are utilised for tv connector (and any BT media streaming).

If you click on the group name, you’ll get the option to set up tv connector - that way you have confirmation that it’s indeed what tv connector uses.


Blacky…thanks! That was precisely the info I needed!

@Raudrive very bad event. sorry

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We got power back this morning after 8 days without.
The hot shower was really nice.

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