Finding the best prices on hearing aids

Is there a website which helps find out the prices of hearing aids? I am interested in the Phonak Ultra Power aka Phonak Naida 5. I think I have been quoted a bit too much


If I were in the market for hearing aids, I would go to a web site like hearing planet or any of the others. I’d print out a price quote from them. Then I would find an independent local hearing professional, let them do their test, let them quote their price, and then I would beat them over the head with my Internet quote.

I would keep pushing my Internet quote, while at the same time stroking their ego and telling them that I really wanted to do business with them (because they are so amazing and professional etc.)

If you are dealing with someone who has the authority to negotiate, most of the time they should be willing to negotiate the price closer to the Internet price. And if they are not, try somewhere else.

My business philosophy is a slice of cake is better than no cake at all. I’d rather make a small profit and get a new patient for my practice, than be stubborn on my pricing and lose them to a competitor.

I might also get them to unbundle some of the stuff they ‘throw in’ for ‘free.’ A year’s worth of batteries is really not worth that much. You can buy batteries from anywhere these days. Why pay for them all up front added to the price? You can renew a warranty year on year, so why pay for an extended warranty up front?

I guess those would be my tips for saving money.

I was able to find a nearby dealer that will charge me $1,800 for the Phonak Ultra Power aka the Phonak Ultra 5. My longe time audiologist dealer wants $3,300. I realize he has to pay rent and gives wonderful service but still.

I am at a crossroad. I am not sure what to do but that is my problem. Thanks for “listening!”

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Don’t be afraid to ask him for a better price. But once he gives it, if he is still higher you have to weigh up if his service quality is worth the extra money.

Alternatively, maybe if it is BTE you just buy it online and pay him to adjust it for you.

i agree. if you are a long time customer, he would consider a discount…