Finding an Audiologist and Comparison Shopping

My phonak V70’s, now 6 years old aren’t serving me as well as they used to. I think it is time for a new test, prescription and set. I’m eyeing the Paradise line. But, my question isn’t about hearing aids, but Audiologists.

This seems like something that is hard to “shop” for. My current audi is ok, but he doesn’t seem as savvy about the features on Phonaks. I think his “shop” fits a lot more Oticon than Phonak. I moved from Oticon to Phonak because my Oticons kept failing. They had to be sent in for repairs several times.

So, how do you chose an audiologist that uses best practices (REM, Etc), knows your brand of hearing aid well, and doesn’t charge over much? Can you call around and ask “how much would you charge to do a hearing test and fit a pair of XXX”? Do you do REM, etc? Or should I make an appointment at several places to ask those questions. I think they make their money selling aids, and the services are usually included.

Maybe some current Audiologists could answer too.

Looking here on hearing tracker under resources at the top of most pages can help you locate a close audiologist/fitter.
I will attach a locator that does RIMS fittings to get you started.

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Interesting, where my Audi is located, is on the list, but the guy I’ve used isn’t while his partner is.

Or you could take the time and window shop in your neighborhood. No one should charge for an interview

Hmm… I wasn’t sure if that was the case. I’ve gotten some recos on Nextdoor and will probably go talk to a few and hope they will give me price quotes.

If you try to do it on line I can almost guarantee you’ll get hit with a hard sell and a push to but. But the good audiologist knowing you’re a first time purchaser will take the time to sit down and discuss things with you

Well, this will be my third set. But I’m not so much price shopping (which is a consideration) as also looking for someone that wants to get a good test and fit for whatever my new prescription would be.

But, it seems it is an industry where it is hard to comparison shop. I guess as most service based industries are.

I’m lucky and I know it. My audiologist let’s me try as many aids as I want and tells me to take each pair home and try them for a few weeks. My last time I tried 3 of the top bra ds and even then he was willing to change direction and to go with aids that had fewer bells and whistles. I consider myself very fortunate. Never any hard sell

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I will probably talk to the ziphearing provider soon as well. I like the idea of all the prices being clearly outlined on the website.