Finding a good audiologist in San Antonio, Texas

About three years ago I was fitted with Oticon OPN miniRITE and the audiologist was fantastic. He explained everything a first-timer would need to know, and on subsequent visits he created channels for different environments—noisy restaurant, music streaming, and a great white-noise generator (ocean sounds). Follow up visits were always congenial and productive.

Then I moved to a new city. My iPhone app said I needed to update the firmware. Searched and found a nearby location. The first new audiologist decided she didn’t have current software and the update would take several hours. After setting one after another appointments each of which she cancelled at the last minute, I went to another audiologist.

This one was more professional, but when updating the firmware wiped out the additional settings my original audiologist created. And after several trips has not successfully recreated them.

I have a technical background and am certain I could do an adequate job tuning these hearing aids myself but the proprietary software and equipment is a roadblock. I wouldn’t mind having an audiologist do it all for me, but have had bad luck finding one able to do the job.

Any success stories out there?

By the way, I’m in northwest San Antonio Texas.

Your previous audiologist might be able to send you a screenshot of your settings as they last were in the Oticon software. I’m not as familiar with that software as I am others, but I’ve done exactly that for a patient who moved with the Signia software. Any audi/HIS you find who has the Oticon software can use the screenshot to match those settings as closely as possible.

Hopefully someone that has experience with an Audiologist in San Antonio will respond. I see that there are at least a dozen clinics that claim to sell them listed by Oticon. See this link:

Oticon - Find an Audiologist

Won’t be of any help this time, but you may want to consider Costco for your next set. They are very good about switching offices, as they have all your data kept centrally. But they don’t carry Oticon to my knowledge either.

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My wife and I use the Costco on UTSA in San Antonio. The fitters have been fantastic.
Self programming is for sure one route you could do. It does take time to learn though.
Shawn.garza has given you great help. Just might be the best way.
Good luck

You might try a “Hearing Life” facility. I see there is one in San Antonio. They are owned by Oticon and support other brands as well. They may be able to get the info from your prior Audi and help you out. I am currently programming mine myself as I tend to want to try various different things to make them better. But Hearing Life has been good to me and my Audi supports my personal endeavors.

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How does one acquire the software and tools to do this?

Do some reading in the DIY forum area under categories.

Thanks for the suggestions. My audiologist in Arizona sent me a printout of all my original settings. I also learned my Oticon’s are 1 month out of warranty. Over the past two years I experienced the following issues with the right side: unexpected rebooting, now a pretty constant hiss (like cassette tape hiss between songs) and a new issue yesterday—loud Morse code type beep and then shutdown.

The audiologist said the rebooting issue was due to firmware, which she then updated but it still does it once in awhile (with full battery).

The “tape hiss” was determined to be a hardware issue and the receivers were then replaced, but it still does it.

So I assume I have hardware issues all along. Going to try the Oticon-owned agency to see what they can do.

And eventually I will gear up to do my own tuning.