Finding a compatent audiologist to fit Savia

Hello to all,

Forgive me if this question has been answered before, but my initial search did not reveal an answer. I am a first time poster here.

I am trying to find a competant audiologist to fit my wife’s new Phonak Savia. This hearing aid replaces her Claro, and like the Claro I don’t I believe it has been optimally fitted.

Both times we tried to ascertain the audiologist’s experience with fitting these hearing aids, and both times we believed we made a reasonable choice.

However, we becoming frustrated with our results so far.

This is not to say that her audiologist is neccesarily incompetent, only perhaps inexperienced with this device. But the result is the same - a less than optimum, even marginal fitting.

At any rate, we are seeking someone with proven experience in fitting the Savia. Some one with factory training if there is such a thing. We are so frustrated that we would travel anywhere in the US and stay for a week to achieve the initial fitting.

Does anyone have any advice on this ? Any specific recommendations ?
Any help would very greatly appreciated. We are grateful for any comments.

Thank you very much

The Phonak Savia, is a great instrument, provided all steps are taken to program them optimally.

In our practice, we use something called speech mapping, where we insert a probe tube microphone in the ear together with the hearing aid and we program the hearing aid in real time to match up to the hearing loss accurately.

Although the Phonak and other similar software are usually close, they are usually not optimal for the patient, as the acoustic characteristics in each are are so different.

In addition, we perform something called the Hearing In Noise Test (HINT), developed by the House Ear Clinic and in conjunction with a acquaintance of mine who now works for the R&D of another hearing aid manufacturer.

When this test is performed, again in real time, we can find the right adjustment that produces the best possible results.

Yet, even when all of these tests are performed, it doesn’t mean we can get 100% results either, as there are variables such as the amount of speech discrimination ability the patient has, etc.

In your local area, I would call and ask, first of all, if they have experience with the Savia, what type of verification tests they perform, whether they have a structured follow up program for fine tuning during the first few weeks. In addition, you will find that, in most cases, the more fitting they do, the better they are at programming the multitude of parameters. Thus, call not just audiologists but also local hearing aid dispensers.

For a list of Phonak dealers, call 1800-777-7333.

Also, feel free to post on this forum or if it is a personal matter, please PM me and I will respond promptly.

Of course, if you plan on spending 2-3 weeks in Hawaii (I am on Oahu, near Pearl Harbor), I would be happy to assist your family with this.

Hope this helps you out.

I am sure others will post also.

If after you purchase, you find that the audiologist/dispenser is not competent, you can always ask them to bring in a Phonak Audiologist who is trained thoroughly in the software and usually holds a Masters or Doctorate in Audiology.

Where are you located?

I personally know an excellent audiologist at Phonak who travels nationwide and she is really great to work with and she has taught a lot of us. In fact, we do training with her every couple of months, since Phonak and other companies like Sonic Innovations, who in my opinion have the top products, are moving so quickly.

Here is a pic of the speech mapping system I mentioned earlier that we use to accurately measure the sound occuring in the ear.

Also, please take a look at this thread for more info:

Also, because this is a new forum and all users here are very friendly and helpful people, feel free to post any questions, no matter if you feel it might have been covered before or no matter how simple the matter, as any questions you have, our other users will also have.

We are very grateful for the replies from you both. Short term, my wife is going to try and continue working with her audilogist, but we would like to know more about how to involve the Phonak person that Kat spoke about. We would hope that with her help we could get much closer than we have ever been. We are located in the Pacific Northwest. Is the request for her help made through the current audiologist ?

Longer term, we would like to visit Oahu. The methods you mentioned seem very cutting edge and more importantly, effective. We are of modest means, but feel it would be worth the effort.

I’m late for work (have to pay for the insurance costs, hardware, etc. !) but we will be back soon to talk more with you,

Thank you both for taking the time to share your experience and knowledge. We are very appreciative and grateful.

I have found so far that the sales reps who represent Phonak are generally very good at troubleshooting and also fine tuning Phonak hearing aids. In fact, most of them are either hearing aid specialists or audiologists who have worked many years personally on patients themselves.

Yet, if that is not enough, your audiologist can request the training audiologist work with him/her and your wife to troubleshoot and adjust the hearing aids.

Again, there is no such thing as a perfect hearing aid, so sometime adjustments are necessary to improve things, yet hearing aids cannot correct hearing loss to 100% either.