Finally got my hearing aids - BUT talk about pulling teeth


Hello all, Thanks to all that gave me help, advice and suggestions previously. (short story - I didnt trust my audiologist - and as it turns out i shouldnt have)

The new place, (Im not sure If I can mention them by name), but they are a strip mall type of outfit that has a hearing store in any random strip mall next to the liquor store or the thai food restaurant.

I was pleased with most everything including the settings she adjusted the hearing aid … But when it came to purchase there was a bruhaha… She originally price matched Marvel m70s that I had priced at a different audiologist. She originally told me that it came with 3 office visits but they have a pkg deal for 1 yr or 3 yrs. ($50-150) To which I agreed, but when it came time to pay the bill, she tried to charge me $1500 for 3 years.

so, they give a price match discount but oh, wait, if you want us to actually service them we will charge you. I told them the price I got was from an audiologist, not an online purchase. And that the audiologist includes the necessary office/service visits, just as if I paid full retail from this place… so, IN FACT THEY WERENT PRICE MATCHING…

bait and switch. HELL YEA.

I told her she mispoke or mislead me when she quoted the prices originally to which she is 100% positive she could not make that mistake.

I asked her how I got the dollar amounts of $50-$150, and how those numbers match the office visit prices.

bottom line, I would love to share the name so everyone could avoid this USED CAR SALESMAN of the hearing aid industry…

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There is a Scam forum on this site. I believe your situation falls into that forum under categories.



i saw that section and kinda thought it was more spam then scam. this forum isnt the most ORGANIZED / intuitive layout I have seen. so, thanks for the suggestion.


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I always recommend going to Costco or a physician office/ indecent audiologist. Rather than a chain. But wherever you go, you can find good or bad practitioners. There is a good article about how to buy a hearing aid on

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thank you for the reply and comments. I have read that and other articles. And yes, good and bad can be found everywhere. unfortunately, I am batting a 1000. two different audi’s and both ended up in the NAUGHTY list for my xmas gifts. hehehehe