Fellow analogue wearers - Phonak Vitus P

Hello! My fellow digital-to-analogue sufferers.

Just wondering if anyone has tried to Phonak Vitus P with the “linear” setting? If so, how did that compare to your analogue?

I went to the Audiologist who tried to tell me (once again) that it’s impossible to get analogue aids now. Very upsetting! Anyway, she spoke to a fellow audiologist who recommended the Phanak Vitus P. It supposedly has a setting for people like me who need the linear sound. Would love to know if anyone has had any luck?

I find it so hard to explain to the Audi’s how awful the digital sound is for me (like nails on a chalkboard?!) and how much worse my hearing is with them compared to my trusty analogue. They think I just “don’t like the sound” and “need to give it a chance to get used to it”. If only they knew what it was like for us who rely on these aids to go about our lives. If my analogue dies and I have to wear digital, it will land me in a mental institution.

Phonak programming software has the option for prescribed compression, semi linear, and linear settings for programming. I was a analogue hearing aid user for many years and when I switched to digital hearing aids I could not get use to the compression setting, so I had the programming set up as semi-linear which gave me some benefit of compression and linear setting. It took a little time to get use to but I think my speech comprehension is better with a semi linear setting versus linear. Now when I try a linear setting(music program) sounds tend to sound loud. You may want to ask the audi to set up a alternate program with semi-linear setting that you can try.

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Any Phonak hearing aid can have a linear setting.

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