I have a pair of Resound Forza from Costco. Excellent hearing aids. Hearing and understanding speech is excellent.

They have a lot of feed back when anything gets near my ears. My question is will adjusting to get rid of the feedback have an effect on what I’m hearing? I don’t want to ruin what I have just to get rid of feedback.

Thank you.

It’s possible. I know that in general the way feedback management works is it can automatically lower the gain when it detects feedback in order to eliminate or reduce the feedback.

You can also try custom molds. My resounds with the custom molds basically have no feedback problems at all.

seb, wouldn’t that increase the occlusion?

I have a loss similar to yours and have custom molds with a large vent and have no occlusion. The mold is much more comfortable than the domes/open fit in my opinion and I know I won’t loose a hearing aid if I’m doing something that would cause an open fit aid to fall out.

Erm, no.

The notch filtering mechanism is the ‘old’ way of doing it, but still forms the basis of some systems (Resound etc). You’ll see that the aids just wind in the HF gain on a REM screen when there’s a pure-tone detected - even if the source of the pure-tone isn’t the aids themselves.
There was a previous post where somebody said that they had the gain turned-up and it made no difference to the amount of feedback: it won’t, as the aid will still cut the gain at the same frequency. The impression of loudness tends to come from below 750Hz while feedback tends to peak around the resonant frequency of the receiver unit (and ear canal) at around 2.5-3 kHz.

Other aids use sine-wave inversion, frequency shifting, sound tagging and binaural recognition to reduce the effect of feedback.