Feedback on how iCom sounds with cell phone via bluetooth

When I first got my Phonak Nadia’s, I had an opportunity to try out the icom. One of the complaints I got was from people I was talking to via the icom on my cell phone. They said I sounded like I was on a bad speaker phone. I didn’t end up keeping the icom, but now I am thinking of trying it again. I was wondering if others had the same issue I experienced with callers on the other end. Any other comments on how icom sounds via bluetooth with cell phones. Suggestions to make it better.

Yes, I have had similar comments. But it isn’t consistent - sometimes the quality is fantastic, other times it is dreadful.
Usualy it is fine when linked through jabra hub to landline phone, it is cell phone behaviour which is erratic. I have not yet determined anything which might explain the different behaviour. I have a suspicion that it relates to the cell signal strength, but I am not sure why that would cause a problem for the bluetooth headset connection.

I have had one for about a year, and had a MUCH older phone at the time when i got mine. I have since switched phones/carriers, and now have an iPhone, and am much happier with the quality. From what others say, the quality is better than before, and i notice a bit of difference as well.
I would like to add that I did have my Aud adjust the program to lower the mic levels when on bluetooth. This made a huge difference when in calls, especially when in the car.

Thanks. I will have my audi adjust the mic levels as well.

Rumour has it that very early iComs may have had omni mikes rather than directional upwards mikes … dunno if true 'tho …