Feedback Graph on the Target Software shows

That I am over the limit for the output of the Naidas I have, even with well fitting ear molds.

What does that tell me? Does it tell me I’ve maxed the Naidas out?

Actually no: that’s the response into an idealised ear based on a standard coupler. The level in your ear will be different. I’m guessing though that given your loss the aids will be running at pretty much full tilt in all conditions anyway.

That’s interesting to know. I’ve been told I have very very little room in my Naidas. Is there anyway to help stop feedbacking apart from well fitting ear molds? I personally find whistleblock useless!

It’s actually working, but when you are pushing the limit of a power aid, some feedback is always possible simply by what your skull re-radiates. At more than 40 dB of gain, skeletal isolation becomes very difficult. The best you can do is get a decent soft mould and some of the triple thickness tubing too - it might look clumsy, but the plumbing is critical at these kind of sound pressure levels.

Don’t forget you have aids that are providing actively usable gain at 110-140dB - which is the level of a decent rock concert. Containing that inside your head isn’t going to be easy.

I use Thickwall is that the most thick that the tubing comes in? I’ve never heard of triple thickness tubing. Dault the NHS will provide but I’m happy to buy myself.

I can’t wear my hair down which I find very annoying otherwise I get continuous feedback! :slight_smile:

I have no idea what material my ear molds are but they are soft and according to audio, very sticky so elderly people wouldn’t cope with them.

In your opinion what’s the best ear mold material for very profound users?

The glass/metal beads I have strung on my tubing change the quality of the sound for me, but I can’t quite describe what they do. Or maybe those twists that Ambrosia was having fun with?

Do you think? I’m wearing charms at the moment and have order tube twists.

I think my Audi has messed up on my feedback block anyway as he keeps getting this note saying about my whistleblock, just before it warns him that my MPO is above 132db.

We tend to favour the Arlington/Starkey Bio-pore.

Just found this extra thick tubing, its 0.9mm more thickness.

Gonna order some and see if that helps :slight_smile:

Will keep hold of that name for further ear molds :slight_smile: Thanks

I can vouch for the tubes portion… my Audy only used soft flexible thin tubes that dry every 3-4months (to keep me coming back and pay him 25$ for maintenance) I bought on ebay some thick walled tubes and feedback has been much much more manageable.

Also, keep in mind that you might need to make the hole in the ear mold slightly larger as the tube is obviously thicker … I had a hard time at first but once it’s in, it’s in