Feedback control (KS9)

Hi. Yesterday I went to Costco and had my receiver wires replaced (due to a possible problem with one of them) on my KS9’s. I decided to switch to a #2 wire instead of the #1 I was previously using due to the wire cutting into the top of my ear from being too short. Anyway, after entering the new wire size in Target the software recommended performing a new feedback real ear test which I did. Afterwards one of the options I noticed was that I could completely turn off feedback control (which I did not). My question is by having feedback control enabled am I sacrificing some speech clarity or something else? I obviously do not fully understand how it works. Thanks for any information.

Is Costco doing the programming or are you self programming?

Make sure the acoustics are properly set up in Target.
Then run feedback/real ear.
I do not recommend turning off feedback controls.
I have never had issues with any Phonak aids I have owned.

Costco did the original setup. I’ve done the programming myself since then but nothing major from Costco’s original setup other than slowly raising the prescription level to 100%. Thanks. I’ll leave the feedback control on then.