Feedback and rumbling noises with Signia Pure 7px and Click Sleeves

Hi everyone!

I recently got my Signia RICs Pure 7px they are awesome and I am loving them so far. I am wearing them with a standard receiver and XS vented click sleeves. I am wondering about the fit and what people think. I am getting occasional feedback and some rumbling noises in certain situations, is this because I’m in an open fitting? I was also wanted to get custom molds since I find inserting very fiddly and it takes me time to do it. I really don’t want to be messing around with them this much in the mornings, just pop them in and go.

Any insights about the feedback and rumbling? Thanks

Have you tried the S sleeves to see if they fit better than the XS? I have found going larger in size reduces feedback, but you also have to be comfortable as well. I found comfort level went down as you go up in size. Just ask for some S size to try. They are easy to change.

Feedback is a high pitch, not a rumble. What fitting formula are you using? I had a quick look in the software and the proprietory Smart Fit forumula at the Power level seems to be the one with the most gain. Here is what I get with it. The upper gain curve has about a 10 dB margin before it hits the feedback shaded zones (red and blue).

Here is what it looks like with closed sleeves. For sure you should not have feedback with them. You certainly could ask to try them as well. They have some advantages in noise reduction and microphone directionality. Just be sure that they program and turn on the Own Voice Processing as they can affect the sound of your own voice more.

As for molds, they are really not necessary for the gains you are using. Some find them more comfortable. I did find the canal only style fairly easy to put in, about the same as sleeves. I also tried some half shell style and found them quite difficult to put in. Much harder than the sleeves. In the end I did not like the molds and went back to closed sleeves.

Thanks for the reply. I’m not sure what fitting formula he used. The rumbling was my right ear and the feedback was my left.

I’m using the XS size because I have very small ear canals and it’s a struggle getting these in as it is. I asked about custom molds and he said they will be a closed fit and I won’t like it due to occlusion.

My audiogram is slightly different from the one posted, I have to get the updated one. It’s not much different.

You may want to try the closed sleeves to see if they help. I believe on the XS size they put the vent near the tip but on the side. I suspect over time you will get used to putting the sleeves in. I put the aid on first, the monofiliment guide thing into my ear next, and then stuff the sleeve in last. Just be sure to get the OVP done as that helps with the occlusion effect.

For molds that are quite small, they sometimes put a trench down the side of them for a vent to save space. That said, I don’t really think you need them.