I have choosen two Exelia Art (Power; behind the Ear) because they are the best in my view.

However, I fear Radiations. I explain:

The two aids communicate at a rate of 300,000 Bits per second. That is a broadband data transmission of radiofrequency energy that crosses the brain. Phonak assures its customers that the magnetic field strenght is far below international limits and much less than the emission of a mobile phone. But I wear the aids 15 hours per day all year long. For many years to come.

How is the impact on health in the long run of this new technology. Has it been sufficiently investigated ? Are independent research reports available ?

I would greatly appreciate it, if experts could provide me with proofs.
Thank you

I have a pair of Oticon Epoq WX that communicate with each other. I was an electronic engineer and I work with X-ray equipment now. I can tell you that the emission is very low and the radio frequency is non-ionizing radiation which means frequency is at a very low energy level.


It is assuring what you say, and confirms official statements of hearing aids manufacturers…but…

The fact is that we wear this “radiating” equipment very near the brain and practically continuously. The query is probabely the same of the controversy that animates the debate about the harmfulness (or not) of antennas of TV emitters. In this case we are also exposed to very low intensity of radiation all the time at a certain distance.

Probabely it is too early to ask for indipendent research reports. The technology is new. However it would be nice to know that somewhere research on this issue is going on…

You can always turn off the “QuickSync” on the aids…

Yes ljjel, you are quite right, but “QuickSync” emit signals only a fraction of a second when the volume or program control button is operated. That doesn’t worry me.

The Exelia CORE platform exchanges information between both hearing aids on a continuous basis. The Auto Pilot monitors continously the accoustic environment and activates changes in settings and parameters in hearing programs (quitness, speech in noise, noise, music).
Indeed, I can hear these continuous program changes.
This is the breakthrough in technology that fascinates me.

But there is the other side of the coin that worries me too ! Exposure to wireless communication, at low magnetic field strength, but on a continuous basis near the brain.
There are no results known of the impact in the long run, I guess.

Like with cell phones, etc the long term risks are not fully known like smoking many years ago. The warning only was printed the pack some 40 years ago.

Just look at the risk/reward ratio for you and go from there.

I would just like to say hello as it’s my first post here. I have congenital hearing loss and have been wearing hearing aids for as long as I can remember. Coming from a background of electrical engineering and currently a medical student, even over a long period of time, the low energy radio frequency has very little effect on the human body. Don’t be afraid of the word radiation. Light and sound are considered radiation too. All radiation is, is just the propagation of energy across a medium. Besides, your cells are very resilient and can correct all sorts of anomalies and genetic defects. Daily exposure to the sun is more harmful than the energy coming from the transmission waves.

The Phonak Core chipset transmits wireless signals with quicksync, ZoomControl an during iCom and myPilot transmission only. The Auto Pilot function occurs within each hearing aid independently so does not use wireless transmission. Only Oticon and Siemens have continual binaural transmission to match microphones and/or compression.

I emailed Phonak to make sure I got the facts correct and this was their reply:

The wireless antenna is active all the time but with minimal power consumption. The transmission is only active when the signals are being sent though the features you mentioned QuickSync for volume and program changes & Zoom Control
The iCom and MyPilot transmit to the instruments is an external transmission depending on what unit is being used. Constant signal transmission is used with the iCom to the instruments depending on which Bluetooth profile is being used, Mobile Phone Headset Profile HSP, Hands free profile HFP and stereo MP3 profile A2DP for audio and iCom/FM configurations. Because of the loop it is not necessary for the instruments to communicate to each other as they are both receiving the same input.
The hearing instruments are not transmitting all the time.

Kind regards

Professional Support Manager

You don’t have to fear your hearing aids magnetic field. It has so low energy - it doesn’t matter. There are many other fonts of radiation out there, that have higher energy and will- if they really damage humans- damage your body earlier and sooner as your hearing aids will do. Think on mobile phone, WiFi-Networks, UMTS-transponders, GPS-signals,…they all produce/are radiation.
So if in the worst scenario people will have cancer caused by radiation after wearing new generation hearing aids that have wireless comunication, the damaging radiation was not the radiation emitted by the hearing aids…hope that helps you to eliminate your fear of radiation by HAs…

Greets from Italy…


Hi Sonor,

RADIATION is most dangerous human life. These misperceptions create a fear of radiation. It is assumed that all radiationradiation risk must be exposure is equally harmful or risky. In any situation.

I’m not an expert on radiation, but as somebody said above we are surrounded by light, heat, WiFi, house wiring etc - all radiation of some sort.

However the amount of power is worth considering. A mobile phone transmits 30 km or more. It varies its strength if the cell is nearer, but would hardly ever transmit less than 1 km. A cordless phone is far weaker and cuts out in 50 metres or so. Hearing aid signals do not even reach a metre.

The power required increases with distance according to the inverse square law (or worse), so to transmit for 2, 3, 4 or 10 metres needs 4, 9, 16 or 100 times the power needed for 1 metre. For a kilometre you need 1,000,000 times the power, and for 30 km (the GSM limit) you need 900,000,000 times the power. So wearing hearing aids for a week is roughly equivalent to using a mobile phone (1 km from the cell) for one second.

Considering that zillions of mobile phones are used for several hours a day, without a statisically significant epidemic of brain tumours, I’m not worried making calls for 10 minutes or so per day, and I am not worried about wearing hearing aids at all.