FCC approves first wireless 'power-at-a-distance' charging system

In none of their literature do they mention the DC current charging potential but I seriously doubt that it would be what could be called a reasonable charging amount. They show the transmitter being powered from a USB port on a Laptop.They must have also invented Magic to overcome conversion losses DC/RF, RF/DC and distance then split the current between multiple devices and still come up with 500ma for each one! Sounds like an investment pitch to members of the Flat Earth Society.

I don’t think the device in the above picture is the charging device but a receiving device for the laptop. The video shows a large white rectangle at a distance from the device that is the charger.

You don’t usually recharge a laptop thru a USB port. 12V~18V is the usual battery V for an LT vs 5V for phone etc. But who knows - once you have mastered Magic anything is possible… Insurance might be an impossible problem with the resulting inevitable claims of brain cancer from that kind of RF. A bit like insuring an office powered by a Van de Graaff generator or a Tesla Coil.