False Low Battery Alarm


Last year I got a pair of Phonak aids from the VA. All has gone well until about a week ago. Suddenly, my right aid started giving me the low battery signal and then shutting down. I can open the battery door and close it and the aid will work for a while then give the low battery alarm again. I know it’s not the batteries as I have used different and newer batteries so it has to be the aid. Can anyone shed light on this issue or do I need to just take the aid back to the VA where I got it?


Go to the VA and more than likely it needs repairing or replaced.


Forget the Phonak exact name (maybe “Direct”). Came out about 15 months ago, got them about 4/18.
it has BT connectivity. I have the same problem you describe, Some days I have to reboot one or the other several times a day. (Disconnect battery and couple seconds later reconnect it.) This can happen starting the first or second day and continue for a week until battery is really dead.


Agree. I have had the VA get repaired aids back to me in a couple of weeks.


I’ve had this problem with Phonak aids. They were sent back for a service, it was summer and very humid here. When they were returned it turned out to be a moisture problem.


Hey guys, thanks so much for your inputs. They led me to try something. The dryer i was using was an electric unit with a 4 hr and 8 hr selector for time. This is what i have used until last night. The VA gave me a dryer that is a small plastic jar with silica beads and a foam separator. I used it last night and i also took the batteries out of the aids while in the jar. Today I put new batteries in the aids and after 3 hours I have had not low battery indications. This tells me that electric dryer is not working. I just ordered 100 3gm packets of cilica. I will gut the non working dryer and use it with the cilica packets and i think I will be good to go.


How old is your electric dryer, I have one too that is is about 10 years old