Fall Out

I have tried two brands and types of hearing aid and they both fell out when I chewed.

HearPod micro 32 channels fit comfortably and greatly improved my moderate high frequency hearing loss in all environments. They became loose and would eject out of the canal and into my outer ear whenever I chewed. This was distracting enough that I returned them to HearPod. HearPod support suggested a switch to open fit or custom molded fit as solutions.

Not wishing to bother with ear impressions, I consulted a local hearing aid professional (Kelsey-Seybold Clinic) who gave me a pair of Oticon 6000 open fit aids to try. They worked well in all environments, but unfortunately the result was the same. When eating, the aids would pop out of the ear canal and hang loosely in the outer ear.

At this point I am seeking confirmation from the forum that it is possible to wear hearing aids and eat a meal without the aids being ejected from the ear canal. I would be interested on any solution

Thanks, Jabe

Yes, you need bigger domes or molded ones. My problem has been (so far) the bigger domes that don’t pop out make the sound very “stuffed” sounding or tin canny.

I am VERY new at this so don’t take this as the final word. I seem to need a size in between what they seem to offer. I would prefer off-the-shelf domes to molded ones for replacement reasons.

My Oticon Delta 8000s move around a little when I chew, but they don’t eject. There are lots of different sizes of domes–suggest you try a slightly larger or slightly smaller size.


My audi put on some retainers that keep the smaller ones in place. They work really well and surprisingly don’t bother me. They are called “sport clips” by some. It is a piece of nylon fish line like stuff that sits in the bowl of your ear. It really works! I thought it would drive me nuts (some say I am already there) but I don’t even notice them.

Hi, what hearing instument are you wearing? I need something to help keep my audeo yes in place during sports. I really like these by the way. I am new to hearing aids. Thank you for your reply. Rosanna