Fair Market Value

I can’t seem to find any logical answer about determining what the fair market value of several donated BTE and some CIC’s. Any one know?

For the BTE’s look at EBay, make sure you have the exact model, then search for that model with the Sold listings box checked in the left pane of filters. That will tell you how much they sold for.

Notice that there are two price points in that list of sold hearing aids;

  1. Vendors who generally add support like initial programming (more expensive)
  2. private parties who provide just the hearing aids without support (cheaper)

For CIC’s the price is likely zero unless it’s a current model,
See How much does it cost to get hearing aids re-shelled?

I think a depreciated value might get through OK. Depreciation could be five year – the point they are no longer supported. e.g. After three years, 40% left.

This is my best guess. I’m not a tax professional. My tax course was 50+ years ago – antiquated.