Factorydirecthearing.com? Anybody know anything about them?

Seems to good to be true. Anybody use them?

I am looking for a new set of phonak audeo b90r’s and after falling out of my chair at the ent office I decided to go shopping online. Anybody with knowledge of these guys or a different online reseller that is worthy please speak up

Check out Hearing Revolution also–their prices on the high end Phonaks are pretty good, and they include a year of audiology services.

Those aren’t the best prices you can find. If you are in a non-competitive market, they will look good. By in an online fashion makes them higher than can be found.

@KenP - I am in central ohio and have visited one ENT/Audi that pitched prices $, $$, $$$ based upon hardware. No matter the brand the prices were all the same, they just varied based upon tech levels.

So I did what and newbie would do… consult google. I saw a couple of sites near the same prices, which are roughly 40% less than my local place.

I suspect I simply need to shop locally and shop around by your comment. I will try another place. I am just getting into HA’s and so far its been rough

@KenP I don’t know if you are responding to me or eleceng1979. The best prices I have found here in NM are through Hearing Revolution. Factory Direct is higher. Costco is the best in this area, but I am interested in trying the Oticon OPNs. It seems the custom here, where things tend to be backwards, is to not even allow trials without a cash penalty if they don’t work. Very frustrating!

I was mentioning the OP but understand how frustrating some local purchase can be.

As for the $/$$/$$$ business, competitive clinics run around 3200/4200/6200 but there are some who are thousands higher.

You might want to also check out Buyhear.com’s prices and there are others. Check out the online sellers forum here.

There have been a lot of comments you can search on here about the Phonak that Costco has. It’s a very current feature set.

My local Audi was almost exactly what you stated cost wise. Following the recommendations of another post I contacted hearing revolution. They will broker an identical deal for local service/support, with identical hardware for roughly 35-40% less depending on brand. So I walked in to Audi “A” and saw similar pricing to you, I call hearing Revolution and buy the identical offer as Audi “A” for 35-40% less, Hearing Revolution schedules another appt at Audi “A” (same place!) for test & fitting and I go home happy with local service from the same place. I am pretty shocked right now. What an interesting business model.

Thanks. I have already worked with BuyHear, and when my HA needed adjustment I would have had to wait weeks before I could receive the adjustment device, so I returned the HAs. They were nice people, but the timing did not work for me. And the Hearing Revolution prices are much lower than a private audi. The Phonak Brio 3 from Costco is not iphone ready.

Glad to hear you tried Hearing Revolution. I suspect their sales model is based on volume. We benefit from that. The one thing I don’t like about them is if you don’t purchase from them after trying hearing aids, they charge $75 per aid on return, to pay for the audiology services.

And for OPNs, cheaper than BuyHear or Factory Direct.

My wife is quite pleased with the aids she purchased at Costco. She’s had them for about six weeks. I accompanied her to all the visits, and was quite impressed by all of her interactions. She paid $2,800 for a pair of top-line Resound aids.