Factory reset toget back phone bluetooth?

My Phonak Marvels have been working fine with my Iphone for phone calls. But the last few days the HA’s have suddendenly just switched over to bluetooth streaming even tho I’m not around any bluetooth devices. I have to go into the app and switch them back to autosense. Now all of a sudden I have NO phone bluethooth streaming capabilities…!! Can’t answer the phone,zip, zero, nada!! Bluetooth still sync’s to app /phone so I can adjust settings but streaming has vanished. Reset pairing multiple times, forgot devices multiple time, reload app multiple times…still no joy. I’m considering doing a factory reset via the Target software as a last resort. My question is if I do that can I just restore my last session to the HA’s when the reset is done?? Don’t want to brick the aids. Maybe I should let the aud do the reset and then if they brick it’s on them…:slight_smile:

If this doesn’t do it I’m heading to the aud office cause I think the hardware is fubar…:)…and it’s still under warranty.

If you remove the app and then pair the aids and phone, will the aids take phone calls then?

Aud did the hard reset to get streaming working again…didn’t brick them so if it happens again I am a little more confident I could do the same thing. Gotta luv software and hardware…and computers on a chip…:slight_smile: