Facett Hearing Aid from Blamey & Saunders - definitely different

Key points.

Designed and built in Australia.
The aid consists of a core unit and a module (they come with two modules) that seems to magnetically attach. The module contains a rechargeable battery and- potentially- ancillary processing capacity. So, capabilities can be added to the core at a later date.

I found them interesting because they are built in a country that isn’t China (and happens to be my country) and because of their striking appearance. I wish Blamey & Saunders well in this, but I do think they might be over-priced. They also lack Bluetooth connectivity, but this is one of the things that could potentially be added later.

See Hearing Aids - Health - Lifestyle - Whirlpool Forums (you might want to scroll back through the thread a page or two) for some discussion.

Really weird audiogram test. Uses SRT and no tones.

If your results aren’t what you expected
Have you checked your speaker volume?

You may score better by taking the test again using good-quality headphones or by taking it in a quieter environment.
Is Australian English your native language?

This test was recorded in Australian English so you may score lower than you expected if this is not your native language.
Do you have a single-sided hearing loss?

Please contact us if you think your hearing loss is different in each ear.

Their aids come with something called iHearYou, which is self-fitting hardware and software. You match four tones in each ear basically. You can also adjust it band by band or they can do it for you. It took me a few goes on the SRT to come up with a graph that seemed to model reality.