Face masks that don't use ear loops? Any suggestions?

We all know we are supposed to wear face masks when going in public. We also know they do limited good but are much better than nothing.

The problem I have is with small ears and both eyeglasses and BTE hearing aids, it gets very uncomfortable.

I have some disposable dust masks that I use mowing the lawn that have elastic that goes around the head/neck instead of behind the ears. I’m looking for something like that only washable, and shaped so it doesn’t smash my nose but at Amazon and elsewhere all I see is masks with ear loops.

Does anyone know where I might find some washable masks that don’t need to use my limited ear real estate?


My son has washable masks that have two ties instead of ear loops. He got them from work, but I’m guessing a search for tie on masks or something similar would reveal many choices. Here’s an example. Note there may be many better options–just first one I found: US Made Face Mask / Aluminum Nose Bridge Included / Reusable | Etsy


The only masks I have seen with straps to be placed around the back of the head are N95 respirators.

My wife made my mask with elastic so it goes around my neck and head. It is washable. To be honest I only have to wear it for VA clinic appointments and a men’s meeting at church. Where we live there isn’t anyone around anyway. It is to my advantage that I live in the country

Do an internet search for “ear loop extenders”. You can buy pre-made ones, or make some yourself out of a strip of sturdy cloth and a couple big buttons. The ear loops will still go next to the top of your ear, but at least they won’t be lying in wait to send your HA sailing off under the freezer.


My husband has a small plastic device that stretches each loop of elastic to the back of the head and connects here-Imagine something like a pipe cleaner that just loops it together at the back so avoiding the elastic needing to go behind the ears.

Los Angeles Apparel has face masks that go around the back of the head and around the back of the neck. You order on their web site and they ship promptly. The masks are washable.

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Don’t know if they still have them.

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this is a photo of a mask that a friend made for me. The tie is all one piece. The top goes on your head and the bottom tied on the back of your neck. she lined them and made a pocket so that you can insert paper towel or something for more protection. There is nothing behind your ear.



Check Brighton. They’re my favorite with a one-piece tie system so you only have to do one bow. I have some others with two straps I got on eBay & Etsy but I like the Brighton ones best.


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I agree with the gaiters. I got 6 of them for 20 bucks. Only thing I’ll wear.


My wife took one of mine that was needing replaced and made me a couple of mask out of it.

Thank you all for the responses.

I have a few options now that I couldn’t find by myself,


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You may want to try a mask extender: Amazon.com : mask extender

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Thanks again for all your help

My wife found this one after a few hours of search. It has a pocket to add extra filtering material and is washable.- the price is for a pack of 3 but there are only two of us.

I haven’t decided as to which way I’ll go yet. I went from having no choices to many choices in a day.

Your kind responses are all appreciated very much.


I tied the ear loops together with a piece of elastic. I slip it over my head, and position both ear loops below my ears with the elastic I added at the base of my neck. Worked for me :slightly_smiling_face:

I like gaiters, but they’re hot in warm, humid weather.

My simple, cheap solution, similar to Kate’s: Go to the hair accessory section of a Walgreens or CVS and look for thin elastic headbands – like the covered elastics that women use for pony tails, but longer. I looped one end around one ear loop, and tied it to the other loop. And that’s it. No need to ever untie it. Washable. Very comfy and easy to wear. The mask hangs around my neck and I pull it up when necessary. No need to fiddle with ties.

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I use a short shoelace to join the 2 ear loops behind my neck.

Thanks again for all your suggestions. I have some washable masks with elastic bands coming. I’ll let you all know if they are any good.