Ezairo 5900 DSP used in any HA's?

The Ezairo 5900 digital signal processor on a chip was announced about a year ago to great acclaim. Does anyone know if any of the HA manufacturers have adopted it (or any other new DSP making bold claims) and are getting any devices to market yet or in the near future?

Hi Phil,

That was a very specific first post.

Just curious: are you a market researcher of some sort?

No, I’m an (ex) audiophile, maybe slightly geeky type with high frequency age-related hearing loss (59 and counting). I have the NHS Oticon Spirit 3’s (Tego Pro?) which, since having had converted to open ear I am reasonably happy with (in terms of function not looks). I am interested in and would be willing to spend money to keep up with the latest technology if it makes a real difference to speech intelligibility, every few years. There’s so much rapid progress in technology these days it must be touching the world of HA’s.

Every manufacturer uses different language to hype their own product and audiologists aren’t usually users. Maybe if people with similar audiograms could have their own thread…

I don’t think I can think of anything more important to spend money on if it makes a difference to one’s interaction.

Hi Phil,

Instead of working from the DSPs used in hearing aids, why not simply try a few of the top aids on the market?

This will allow you to ‘calibrate’ the current state of the industry … which might be noticeably ahead of those Spirit 3s!

Or you might find that the Spririt 3s / Tego Pros are in fact 99% OK for your situation!

Links for Ezario 5900:



A 24-bit system allows for wider dynamic range so it’s better suited to music listening.