Extremely short battery life with Phonak Marvel?

I will have had my Marvels 3 weeks tomorrow. I have changed the programming so often, I have not run batteries down yet. Until today. My last programming session on Friday, I installed new batteries per Phonak’s instructions. Wore them maybe half a day Friday, all day Saturday, none Sunday. This morning, after being on for maybe 15 minutes, I started getting the low battery alert in both aids. Another hour, and they sputtered and died. Took the batteries out, put them back in, and they lasted maybe 30 seconds. Measured the voltage and they were 1.345 volts. I am not sure what to think. I am pretty sure the batteries aren’t bad. Others taken out of the same pack lasted at least several days. They were still going good when replaced for a programming session. Could be the aids? If so, they both went at exactly the same time. I am going to install new ones and see what happens. Hopefully, this was a fluke, and I will have no more instances.

are you saying your first set lasted 3 weeks…the next set a day and a half?

Seems fishy. I’ll bet bad battery.

Are you doing a lot of streaming?

I get a good week easy…really “about” 8 days…with mine…some streaming…but not an extremely heavy phone user.

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I get about 3 days on the batteries using them about 15 to 18 hours a day. They only go bad sooner if sweat from your hair get inside battery.

I have had the HAs for 3 weeks, but have changed programming a lot, and every time I put in new batteries. So, The most I had used any one set was about 4 days. I do very little streaming, and only use it with my phone on occasion. These use the size 13 battery, by the way. If it is a bad battery, then both went out at the same time. I put in a set I took out after a couple of day’s use, and so far, they are OK. I figure that with my use pattern, I should get at least a week.

Just curious. How long do you wait to put batteries in after pulling off the stickers? Theoretically, if batteries aren’t given enough exposure to oxygen to allow voltage to rise before a load is put on them, battery life could be shortened noticeably.

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Size 13 battery should last you 7 plus days. Since I assume you are wearing ha/batteries 16 hours a day or less. If all your getting is 4 days battery usage something is way way off. As MDB says make sure battery sticker is off for 60 seconds before inserting battery in HA. And I suggest you turn off HA (disconnect from battery) when you go to bed. If after trying new batteries you’re still just getting 4 days of battery usage - you have a HA problem. Not a battery problem.

I disagree with what you are saying. Everything depends on how much you use the hearing aids. If you receive a lot of calls or make a lot of calls you wear down the batteries quicker than if you get very few calls and make even fewer calls. I receive and make calls all day long. the most I have ever gotten out of any battery is 4 days but usually I get about 3 then I change the battery automatically. I would rather change the battery at 3 days rather than have the battery go out while on a call on the 4th day. Not one of the audiologists at the va would tell you that you should get 7 days They say between 3 or 4 days depending on usage. It would be great to get 7 days but it is not going to happen if you use the hearing aids for calling.

Phonak says to wait 2 minutes. I try to do that, but rely on my own perception of passing time. I once put my batteries in immediately after removing the tabs with a former hearing aid. I got silence for about 10 seconds, then the power up tone. I couldn’t tell that it shortened battery life.

The whole concept has an almost mystical quality to it. I’ve seen recommendations from 1-5 minutes and saw somewhere that it can take the better part of a day to come up to full voltage. I’ve seen little to no decent data, but people tend to make their recommendations with authority. :>) With that in mind, I’d guess you just got a bad couple of batteries. Coincidences do happen.

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Well, the used batteries I put in after those two seem to be doing fine. I don’t do much streaming, or phone calls. I rarely wear them more than 12 hours a day, and some days, don’t wear them at all. I am going to start using airplane mode a good bit to see if I can increase battery life. The VA never said anything about battery life. My 312 aids supposedly draw 1.2 mA, and the Marvels 2 mA. That is why I went with the size 13 battery for them, hoping to get 5 to 6 days out of a set. I must have done something to kill them, though I don’t know what that might have been.

What Va do you use? I used to use Heins Va in Maywood until I had an audiologist that was drunk. I was supposed to have a test that day and I refused to have her give it. Her boss sent her home that was the last time I used that facility. I have been using a different one now for about 12 years with no problems and great people. Helpful and caring. That is the way it should be.

I go to the Birmingham, Alabama VA clinic. I have seen three different Audiologists and liked only one. Like all government agencies, they have their way of doing things. Some things about the VA Audiolgy clinic I like, and some I don’t. But a free set of Marvels, can’t beat that.

Spent my summers at Grandmas house in Trussville alabama in the 50’s. No indoor plumbing. I am 100% service connected based on hearing loss. Free is always good. But they can have there benefits just give me my hearing back.