Extra programs in MyPhonak (Marvel 2.0) App

Yes, being interrupted constantly by incoming Notifications is definitely a PITA. When I’m playing my piano I turn all Notifications OFF on my Pixel 3 XL. Problem solved! :blush:

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This does not make any sense. If the app can set things via its GUI, it can save them in local data store in the phone OS. There is no sense in losing all the settings you make through the GUI just because it decides NOT to save configuration data. That’s a totally idiotic design decision, regardless of their assumptions about what the HA would or would not do with the settings.

I get the part about it not automatically reverting to a custom program when it comes off of streaming, but the part about the Audi reprogramming of the HA erasing all the custom programming in the phone App is just brain-damagingly stupid and exceedingly hostile.

Me too, same issue, select one of the even customized programs set up in the app and it reverts back to Autosense, this is useless. Would have thought since virtually everyone is experiencing this issue Phonak would have realized this issue before release of the app. Hope they come up with an update to the app soon.

Add me in the group. On my M-50’s if I close the app it reverts back to autosense.

@hennyx and @roydrose21, just want to make sure you saw the workaround of suppressing incidental phone sounds (clicks when you press buttons or the phone takes actions) to prevent this. It’s somewhere in the phone sound settings.

In the alternative, you can turn off audio streaming (but keep phone handsfree) in the phone’s Bluetooth settings, until you actually want to stream music.

Not great on principle but it will allow you to use the extra programs in the short term.

@haggis @TraderGary
Do you have the 90 version? If so, did you compare to the 70 and find a significant advantage?

I purchased two pair of Phonak Audeo Marvel M90-R’s for Kate and myself on December 26, 2018. They are the first HA’s for us both. I cannot do a comparison as I decided to buy our M90-R’s without ever trying them first. The decision was made by watching some Dr. Cliff Olson YouTube videos and the fact that at the time the Marvel was the only HA that communicated directly with our Android Pixel 3 XL phones without the need for an intermediate device. I purchased the M90-R’s because they did more than lower numbered Marvel versions. Price wasn’t a consideration. After 11 months we’re both quite happy with them.

Hi Haggis,
Click sounds disabled.

Will try turning off audio streaming in Bluetooth Settings,