Extra programs in MyPhonak (Marvel 2.0) App

I just got my Marvel 2.0 upgrade yesterday in my M70-R’s. I was experimenting with the MyPhonak app today in a restaurant at lunch with my co-worker. I had switched to the manual speech-in-noise program that my audi had set up for me. It really helped hearing him in the restaurant.

While showing him the app, I noticed that there were these new programs “Restaurant”, “Music”, and “TV”. I switched to the “Restaurant” program in the app, and it boosted my volume as well as making some other changes opaque to me. I thought I’d try it and see what happened.

The problem was, when I closed the app, the volume dropped and the sound changed. When I went back into the app, it was now set back to “Autosense OS 3.0”.

Also, these three extra programs are not accessible on the manual long-press of the volume control, just my two manual programs my audi set up previously.

Also, even if I leave the app open, when the phone goes to sleep, when I turn it back on it reconnects with the HA’s and goes into “Bluetooth Streaming + mic 1” program because of the phone audio and then reverts to “Autosense…”.

So what’s with this? Do those extra programs only remain in effect while the App is open and running? You have to keep the phone awake to use them?

Hmmm, not sure, I have the M90 and the programs stay where I select

No, you can turn your phone OFF and your Marvels will still stay on the Program you’ve selected.

I noticed that if I tap the lower right icon to get the advanced screen on the new Restaurant program that Focus is now at 100%. You will be 100% focused on wherever you are looking and other competing “noise” will be reduced. Cool.

Haggis - I have the exact same problem, they disappear under those circumstances and revert to Autosense 3.0. So it is not just you. I’ve created a custom program also, selected it with good results, but it reverts the same way.

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Any fixes for these problems? My m50’s (2 weeks old) do the same exact thing. The aids disconnect from the app and have to reconnect every time.

@haggis - I have trial Marvel 90 right now, and it appears that when your phone generates an audible notification it switches to Bluetooth streaming for a minute, and when it returns it returns to Autosense, not the selected program. I consider this a software bug.

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I’ve had the Marvel M90-R for 10 months and mine do not behave this way. If I choose the Music Program, it stays on that program until I physically change it back to Autosense OS 3.0. I frequently hear notifications from my Pixel 3 XL and my Music Program remains in effect. I use the Music Program when playing the piano and if I forget to change it back to Autosense, it will stay on the Music Program until I remember to change it.

Next time I use my Target app, I’ll look and see if there is a software adjustment for this.

@TraderGary In the Play Store reviews I saw other people complain about this, and Sonova acknowledges it as a current issue. I have a Pixel 2, which has Bluetooth 5.0. I don’t know why some people have the problem and some don’t.

@haggis Does your phone make any noise when you close the app or when it goes to sleep? If so, disable that.

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It’s very interesting that Sonova (Phonak) acknowledges this as a current issue. I wasn’t aware of that. Is there a date on that acknowledgement? It certainly is not an issue with my hardware and software.

@TraderGary 10/25/2019 in response to a comment by Jim Bremer.

@lhlynn, yes. The phone makes a sound, like a click, before it goes to sleep. That switched my program back to autosense.

Yes, I consider this a bug. Obviously, the Phonak engineers didn’t spend too much time on this. Or just didn’t care. Someone threw his hands up and said “it’s too hard”. But it’s not hard. If you’re on one program, and you get an “interrupt” to go to another one, like streaming, as soon as that goes off, you return to the first program; not reset to defaults every time.

In fact, there are some conditions under which they do return to the previously scheduled program. If I select one of my audi-programmed programs by a long press down on my volume control, I go to a custom Speech In Noise she set up. Then if I get the BT Streaming interrupt, it returns to the custom Speech In Noise when the streaming stops. But not so with a user-custom program, and not so with one of the “extra” Marvel 2.0 programs like “restaurant”.

They just didn’t think it through.

Or I can envision the crappy embedded system programmer who got himself tangled up in spaghetti threads of execution of modal code instead of a state-driven system and just boxed himself (or herself) into a corner. It’s symptomatic of this kind of idiosyncratically-illogical operation.

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At this stage the hearing aids cannot extract any information from the myphonak app and thus the hearing aids cannot return to the custom made programs after the Bluetooth streaming program is activated.

It’s the same issue where by an audi cannot read any information about custom programs from the fitting software and why all custom programs are lost if the audi saves a new programming session - right now the app data almost exists in its own realm.

I’m sure they are aware but need to spend more time developing that link between app and hearing aids

Right now the only way to truly keep the custom program open is to deactivate the Bluetooth audio streaming function but keep app LE connections running.

Now I see why I’m having no problem with my Music Program and others have problems! I tried setting up a “user defined” program and yes, I then see the same behavior that you do. User defined programs appear to be useless as they don’t “stick”.

Since I’m using only two programs, the built-in Music Program and Autosense OS 3.0, everything works as it should. I do any tweaking I want using Target and Noahlink on my own computer and I don’t implement a “user defined” program.

Seriously? Does that mean that the app-created programs just diddle settings in the HA on the fly, without any storage in the HA? That’s a really poor design, but I see what you mean. The only programs that have any interactivity are the hard-programmed (audi/Target-created) 2x programs.

But if that’s true, then what did you mean by this:

If the app has the custom programs in its own realm, why are they lost when the audi saves a new programming session? Doesn’t that just go on in the HA?

So in one case, it seems like the custom programs are only in the app, and not in the HA, but when the audi rewrites the HA, how are the custom programs in the app lost?

My guess is that the custom program app data is stored in device volatile memory. If the data is only stored in device volatile memory, it wouldn’t be available to the Target programming software. I would be very disappointed in Phonak programmers if that were the case.

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The app actually pauses the automatic system when creating a custom program, even if you do something minor like just increase the high frequency channels via 3 band graphic.

As the automatic program is reset with a new saved programming session, and the custom program “pause points” cannot be read at all from the app, all custom programs are lost.

The important thing to understand is that next time you see your audi for an adjustment make sure you review you custom programs (eg take screenshots) before you let then save a new session!

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Would you rather have no advanced features at all?
I’m sure it won’t always be like this…

Based on my emails with Sonova app support, the programs marked as Fitted in the MyPrograms list are stored in the hearing aid, and they will be restored after Bluetooth streaming event. Other programs will not be restored. Apparently any custom program can be stored as a Fitted program by the Audi. Frankly, I while it would be nice if they could change this, it’s a reasonable limitation. Turning off audible notifications for many actions helps a lot - I keep it for text messages and emails from a few selected people. If you get social media and breaking news audible notifications - well that’s a problem in any case :slight_smile:

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Well, apparently a feature that doesn’t work right isn’t impressing a lot of folks on this thread. :confused: