External mic settings for t-coil or streaming programs

My audiologist has my streaming program, my t-coil program, and maybe some of the auto ones set up to turn down the input from the ambient microphones. I think I understand why, but I’m thinking of asking her change the t-coil one to be exactly the same as normal autosense, except with the t-coil switched on.

good idea or no?

My primary purpose for the t-coil is for using an FM receiver and neck loop at church…big echo space…so I can better understand the speech. It does help in some ways with other things like the music too, but in some ways I’d like to hear the ambient sounds more normally…especially the music since it’s more full and rich that way…and to hear my kids if they whisper something to me, etc… I have so far not found any other place I could use the t-coil so I’m not sure how this may be elsewhere.

Ultimately I wish t-coil and streaming could both be autosense with all its features except just adding in the t-coil equally. Is that even possible? Bad idea?
I wonder if this is a bad idea… maybe the echo and ambient noises will compete too much with the piped in sound?

I’d in a way like the other streaming program(s) to be the same way…sometimes anyway. For example it’s probably good when I’m on the phone streaming to turn down the ambient just a bit for better understanding… but I find it odd when the mics turn down as the phone’s GPS tells me to make a turn… or it chimes to let me know I received a message, etc… It can even be bad occasionally if a passenger is talking to me and they have no idea that the phone is yacking away in my ears too. I have to ask them to repeat themselves because they are turned down for that time.

I’m going to the audiologist Thursday and I’m hoping for just a bit of advice for what I might ask her for…

That’s currently how my aids are setup. Wearing Oticon OPN S series, when a call comes through, the external mics are still fully engaged and active. At my last appointment, I asked them to give me the option to mute the external mics, so that when I take a call at work, I can be in a noisy environment yet still be able to hear the other side of the conversation. So far, it has been working great! I can now selectively mute the mics when I need the added clarity or I can leave the mics open and have a conversation while walking about the neighbourhood and still hear the traffic around me.

With your telecoil in church situation, that I’m not sure how it would go at all. But streaming and having access to ambient voices and sounds, I find to be a great thing.

so is it a separate manually selected program you have to cycle to?..one for streaming with mics down, and another for streaming with mics up?

What I’ve taken to do when streaming music for a run, and my volume isn’t quite right…is to turn the phone’s volume down and the aid’s volume up, or visa versa… it kinda works but it’s sloppy…

I think I’m going to ask her for advice…maybe turn the mics up just part way from where they are for both t-coil and streaming…see how that goes.

No, not a separate program. I have a volume button on the back of my aids, which for a long press enables the external microphones to mute, however maintains streaming. Just today, I was changing the tires on the car, using air tools, I changed to some power domes (Phonak smokey large), muted the microphones and was able to use the air tools and have the compressor running, I hardly heard them at all. All the while, I was listening to a music playlist streaming from my phone.

Maybe in a way, that could be looked at as a separate program, however when streaming with the external mics not muted, it’s still the same program as without streaming. Just my base VAC+ programming that is setup.